An Unnoticed Tragedy

Two Survivors

Follow-Up, July 2001

You may recall the tragic plunge from Corkscrew Balloon III that occurred during the 2000 Chateau d'Oex balloon festival a year and a half ago. As you know, Plunger Alf survived his fall, and he has gone on to write additional journals and even to have additional eventful balloon flights. Plunger Denise slipped in and out of a canine-troubled coma in a Swiss hospital, but she also ultimately recovered. (She has largely avoided hot air balloons lately.)

Unfortunately, in all the excitement surrounding the incident, we didn't realize that a third person had also fallen from the other side of the basket while we were clutching at falling extremities and trying to save Alf and Denise, then explaining it all to the police. Apparently caught on a breeze, the third person landed a few hundred yards away from Alf and Denise ... remaining there until June 28 of this year. We just received this photo from the Swiss Police, in the hope that we might be able to identify the remains. Unfortunately, it's been 18 months, and at this point we're having trouble remembering who was with us at the beginning of the festival ... and who wasn't with us at the end.

If you have any idea who this might be, please let us know.

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