Ellie's Journal

Chateau d'Oex, January 2000

Day 1

We started our trip at the Portland airport. My Dad drove us there and we had pizza.

We met Denise and her husband Nick at the airport and Denise gave me a beanie baby from my Aunt Christy.

We hopped on the airplane and I felt happy to be going to Switzerland.

We changed planes in London and we looked for Paul. We found him and we got on a plane to Geneva. I am a little sad because we didn't see any shops in the airport at London. We'll see Alf and Annie in Geneva. I think Annie will have a present for me. I am excited to see snow and the balloon.

At our hotel in Geneva we met Annie and Alf and we all went to have fondue at a restaurant. My mom says there will be a lot of cheese on this trip, and she said no grilled sandwiches for me.

Day 2

The next day we met Sian, Cindy and Robin at our hotel. We had pizza for lunch and then drove up to Chateau d'Oex. I slept the whole way and woke up in the mountains. It is beautiful. The hotel has a game room for kids. I unpacked my stuff and then Cindy and Annie came to my room and I gave them new hair styles.

We had dinner and I colored a portrait of my friend Cindy.

Day 3

The next morning I woke up and I really like this place because you can go downstairs and eat breakfast in your pajamas. I ate bumpy (scrambled) eggs and bacon and cheese and bread. The eggs took one hour to make, and Robin said that they had to go catch a chicken first. The mountains are very snowy right now and I can see them from my table.

We got dressed in our warm clothes and I went to Annie and Cindy's room. I watched the balloons from their balcony. We went down to the place where the balloons take off and we waited until our balloons blew up and then it got windy and the balloons unflated.

I walked back to the hotel and we all had lunch and a nap. Annie and Cindy woke me up with presents.

Day 4

We woke up today and it was snowing.

We spent the day in the hotel playing with games and we had a pizza dinner. I sat by Sian and we played with my toys.

Day 5

It is snowing again.

Day 6

Today is sunny and bright. We are getting our mostest warm clothes to go flying. I am flying with Cindy, Annie, Hermann and my Mom and Robin.

We watched the other balloons from our balloon.

The special shaped balloons are my favorite. We've seen a

I fell asleep in the basket for 1 hours. I slept on my Mom's lap.

Day 7

Today we are flying in the balloon with two naked girls and grapes and wine.

I stayed awake for the whole flight and we landed right back at our hotel.

After our flight my Mom took me to the grocery store to get some cereal because I need some food that is from the United Sates.

Tonight we went to a fondue restaurant and I am a little sad because Sian only has one more day here. And also because Robin left today. He gave me a hedgehog toy that I brought on a balloon flight.

Day 8

Today we took a long high flight and I slept in the basket again. I brought my teddy bear along and I have to hold him tight because Alf and Paul are trying to take him.

I miss my Dad and my dog, so my Mom and I drew a picture of them.

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