Paul's Château d'Oex Wallpaper

The Maiden Flights of Corkscrew Balloon III

January, 2000

Here's your chance to wallpaper your computer screen with flying Screwmaids! Selected photos from the 22nd Annual Swiss Hot Air Balloon Festival at Chateau d'Oex are here for download in all popular screen sizes.

To make one of these images your Windows Wallpaper:

  1. Pick the photo that you want to use below. (Me? I like the top one.)
  2. Select the appropriate screen resolution for your computer. (If you don't know this, check your current settings in the "Display" applet that is part of Control Panel.)
  3. Click on the link. The photo will load in a new window, leaving this one unchanged. Wait for it to load completely. (It will be too large to fit in the browser window ... because it has to be as big as your entire screen! That's OK; you don't need to see the whole thing.)
  4. Once the image is completely loaded, right click anywhere on it and select "Set as Wallpaper."
  5. Close the extra window that was opened during this process.

Choose one:


640 x 480 |
800 x 600 |
1024 x 768 |
1280 x 1024 |
1600 x 1200


640 x 480 |
800 x 600 |
1024 x 768 |
1280 x 1024 |
1600 x 1200

Technical information: Leica M6 rangefinder equipment recorded these photographs on Fujichrome Velvia. A Nikon LS-2000 film scanner produced digital images from the original transparencies. The photos were shot from the basket of Corkscrew Balloon II.

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