Bangkok for the Change of Seasons,
Part VI

Between Part V and A Short Visit to America

October 22-23, 2000

Sunday, October 22, 2000

I don't know how long it has been. But, it seems like ages since our very own Gabriel Thiers-Bense ... yes, our own heaven-sent (Nay, God-sent!) 'marriage mediation' lady from Munich1 ... has been able to offer you ... yes, to 'you', dear reader, ... such a fine double barreled conjugal offering. As is the style of this Otto-Heilmann - Str.5, Munich-Grunwald advert,2 ladies on the left, gents on the right ... though we do it 'top' and 'bottom' here.

1, to the best of our knowledge, is the only 'web-pass-through-portal' in this part of Asia to dish up (actually, 'reheat') the offerings of this world-famous marriage mediation service. is terribly proud to be associated with a product that, in the words of Gabriel Thiers-Bense, is "meaningful, principally critical, esteemed and acknowledged ELITE."

2 Never to be confused with Edith Brigitta Fahrenkrog, another "international partnership agency," whose Frankfurt office also regularly places adverts in the IHT's classifieds.


Early 40/6'4". GabrieleFor a high carat lady! He will sweep you off your feet - with imagination, enormous initiative and enthusiasm, incredible care, support and protection &, of course, passionate love - if you meet his standards ... & they are distinctly high!! This planet is his boundless village & "his" Monopoly play ground ... owning a prestigious multinational enterprise. He presents the captivating composition of Anglo-Saxon sophistication, French finesse and Roman noblesse ... As Elite University Graduate profoundly educated, leading an international supreme-class life, he is definitely the most desirable future husband for an extraordinary cosmopolitan lady of excellent family descent! Like him accustomed to and convinced of conventional values in spite of "modern thinking" and pace ... He expects her to respectfully deal with prosperity & luxury as acquired and to be maintained merits. For marriage only.


The really refined "quality women" & affectionate beauties are rarely available - because they are happily married ... ! This very beautiful world lady, young 40/5'8" - by descent from a wealthy, very traditional US-family - is such a "gem"! A dazzling, eye-catching appearance with a personality that strikes with kindness, subtle wit & intuition, complemented by a remarkable education. Fluent in five languages, graduated at US and European Universities. She has a passion for archaeology & cultural world discoveries, collecting ancient and precious art, enjoys active sport, the management of a sophisticated house & social life, presenting the requested, brilliant performance which is based on natural noblesse & professionalism! Impressed by culture, harmony and humanitarian values, she again seeks to share her vast spectrum of talents with a genuine World Citizen & gentleman of distinction and integrity. For marriage only.

This NEWNES entry is for Rosemary. I'm sorry that it is a death. I wish that I could have given you more:

Unmentioned is his occupation or title ... there is not even a nod toward his life's work ... but, what is implied is truly awful:

Do you remember him from last October?

Dontaus of Fiesole

A Scottish or Irish pilgrim, made Bishop of Fiesole by one of those miraculous elections: the candles catching fire, the bells ringing of their own accord, the mob awe-stricken. He was a poet, and gave his people grammar lessons and also taught them to write verse.

Tomorrow we are flying to America!

We'll be on a Boeing 747-400 for about two-thirds of our journey, and then a McDonnell-Douglas design for the last nine hours of the trip. Anyway, just before midnight on Monday, Watcharee and I will take off on one of the convenient trans-Asian sleepers: this time, British Airway's non-stop service from Bangkok to London. At Heathrow we'll connect with American's non-stop MD-11 to Miami. The total in-the-air flying time will be about 20 hours.

This brings up accidents, or "hull losses", as the industry like to call them. Yes, ... HULL LOSSES ... arguably much better sounding than 'totally-telescoped-burnt-out-wreck-still-smoldering-sickly-days-and-days-after-its-near-mach-1-impact-with-the-side-of-a-mountain'. Click to EnlargeBut, still, we ARE thinking about a total write off, aren't we? Or, as the company accountant3 puts it: "the damage is so severe the plane is not repaired." And, doesn't such a "hull loss" usually carry over to the plane's contents as well? I mean, if the Pratt&Whitneys are smoldering in the mud, aren't also the occupants of seats 2-A and 2-B enjoying the same burial?

According to a month old article in the Wall Street Journal,4 the Boeing 747-400 had an enviable 0.49 hull losses per million departures. The MD-11 'led' the pack with 6.54 write-offs per million departures. Much has been said to explain this; unfortunately no two fingers point in the same direction. No smoking gun, so to speak. Still, one "hull loss" per 152,905.19 departures probably is safer odds than betting on a accident free round trip tuk-tuk ride from The Oriental to Don Muang International.

3 Insurers use similar language.

4 Admittedly, using Boeing supplied figures. But, these figures are deemed to be accurate, according to an industry spokesman.

Monday, October 23, 2000

[from the International Herald Tribune]
1925: Islands for Debt

PARIS - A new appeal for the ceding of France's distant island possessions to the United States, in part or full payment of France's debt, appeared in "Paris Bleu," which considers France would be better off if she did not have the burden of maintaining such holdings as Guiana, with its penal colonies and mythical lure of gold mines. "If the ceding of Guiana, and even the Antilles and Guadeloupe, permits us to settle our debt to America, then these ungrateful possessions, which have cost us so many deceptions, will have been at least once, of some utility to France" says the Paris newspaper.

1950: Never Again

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. - The United Nations genocide convention became international law when five more nations pledged to the world that never again would any Hitler be permitted deliberately to destroy racial, national, religious, linguistic or political groups. Submitting their ratifications to Secretary General Trygve Lie were Ambassador Jean Chauvel, of France, who also turned in Cambodia's accession, Reuben Esquivel, of Costa Rica, John Chang, of the Republic of Korea, and Jean Price Mars of Haiti. Three months from now the pact will become operable and in full force.

... "never" is a long time.

Thomas Pride died, as did W.G. Grace. One was a Parliamentary General, the other a cricketer. One in 1658, the other in 1915.

Also, NEWNES records two other bits for 42BC: Brutus committed suicide; the Second Battle of Philippi.

DIED 639

This Archbishop of Rouen put a stop to the rising Seine which was about to destroy the whole city, and then killed a bad aquatic animal which had been left stranded there by the flood as it subsided.

Watcharee attempts to capture a grape while it is in flight [120k MPEG]. She is not successful ... this time. Or this time [120k MPEG]. But then ... success! [120k MPEG]. With this task accomplished, she packed for our trip.

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