Lala Palooza Looks at Flying

by Rube Goldberg

June 16, 2001

The creator, Rube Goldberg, was the one and the same RG of whacky machine design:

Goldberg, Reuben Lucius ("Rube")
b. July 4,1883 San Fransisco, Ca.
st. Univ. Calif. - BS
sports cart. - SF Chronicle
sports cart. - NY Eve. Mail
cs "Mike & Ike"
cs "Foolish Question"
cs "Boob McNutt"
cs "I'm The Guy"
cs "Crazy Inventions"
editorial cart.
political cart. - NY Sun (1939)
political cart. - NY Journal-American (1949)
sculpture - 1964
d. Dec.7,1970


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