Thaksin Says It's Over

There Will Be Another Election in Four Years

Bangkok Post, August 12, 2001

Hidden assets ruling
What's done is done, says Thaksin

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has called on groups moving against his acquittal in the wealth concealment case to accept that what happened was "absolute."

"You must admit that the end is the end," he said.

In his regular Saturday talk show on Radio Thailand, Mr Thaksin said critics already warned him to respect the Constitutional Court's ruling and he himself always repeated that he would unconditionally accept whatever the court decided. Now that he had already been found not guilty of hiding his assets, he expected his critics to also unconditionally respect the acquittal.

Democracy groups doubted some of the eight judges who ruled in favour of Mr Thaksin had acted with integrity and impartiality, particularly the four who interpreted Article 295 of the charter in a way helpful to the prime minister. Sanan Kachornprasart, a former interior minister found guilty of false assets declaration by the court last year, was trying to gather signatures of MPs and 50,000 eligible voters to back a petition seeking the Senate's ouster of the eight judges in the majority.

Mr Thaksin said campaigns against the Constitutional Court would only hurt independent bodies. "The last organisation at the end of the monitoring system has already made a ruling. It is the final authority and it must not be destroyed," he said. Mr Thaksin said views opposing his acquittal were also aired overseas and that could hurt the country's credibility.

He said any move that would hamper efforts to solve national problems must be stopped, adding that nothing would change no matter how hard they tried. "It's useless struggling against me. This government will still be here for four years," he said. "Be patient and just wait for the next election."

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