Scenes from a Bangkok Porch, Part II

A River Flows Below It

The Oriental Hotel, August 2001

August 16, 2001: Shutters

August 17, 2001: Terrible Rains Strike My Porch

August 18, 2001: The Peninsula Hotel Cleans Its Windows

August 19, 2001: The Peninsula Hotel at Night

August 19, 2001: Empty Beer Bottles Going Up River to the Brewery

August 21, 2001: Children from the Catholic School

August 22, 2001: Oriental Guests Have Breakfast

August 22, 2001: Oriental Contract Workers Have Breakfast

August 23, 2001: The Chao Phraya has become swollen with mud because of the upcountry floods

August 23-24, 2001: The Chao Phraya in both directions, dusk and dawn

August 25, 2001: Sunset

August 26, 2001: Disturbing New Developments in the Hole Next Door

August 27, 2001: A Solarized View of the Far Shore

August 28, 2001: Longtail Boats

August 29, 2001: Exhaust by NAN dot CAT

August 30, 2001: Painter Balances on Ladder Over Pool

August 31, 2001: A Windsock on the Roof of the Peninsula Warns Off Helicopters

See also: Scenes from July, Early September, Late September, Early October, Late October, and November.

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