Diktel English Boarding School

Alf's Second Gurkha Welfare School Project in Nepal

Completion Report, September 28, 2001


1. School History.

This school first applied for aid in 1998 and in 2000 was selected as a major school project. The school was first established in 1992. Since opening it had been functioning without proper classrooms or buildings. The school currently caters for 249 students. Being a private boarding school it will provide a number of scholarships for ex-servicemen's children every year.

2. Aid Provided.

A two storey, six classroom building was constructed. An incinerator was also built. The community provided a 7 cubicle latrine for pupils and staff. Work began on the school on the 20 November 2000. The school was completed on the 3 Jun 01 and was opened by Ron Lt (GCO) S B Limbu AO GWS.

3. Funding.

A L ERICKSON provided the funds for this major school project. The overall cost of the project was NCR 3,191,122.41 (GBP 30391.64).

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