Alf's First Stab at 2002, Part III

After Part II and Before Château d'Oex

January 2002

Monday, January 14, 2002 [Mallard Day (All Souls: Oxford)

I'm dribbling the ball ... trying to run the clock out!

The day after tomorrow, the 16th, Paul is going to again assume journal duties; but, this time it'll be on a comparatively novel shared-basis ... you see, his co-journalist also shares his name, in a way. Paul will fill you in on this when he starts up.



DIED 552

This Archbishop of Milan, on his way back to Constantinople on ecclesiastical business, took a haunted house in Corinth for himself and his suite. In the middle of the night, when noises began - animal noises - he made fun of the Devil for stooping to imitate such things as hogs and rats; and the Devil must have been humiliated: for the house was found to be habitable thereafter.

Last night Silom Road ... the main street that runs perpendicular to the several main 'Patpongish soys' ... was turned into a pedestrian street for a half dozen blocks. Impromptu bands, artists, mimes, food-stalls and other servers and vendors pretty much took over the street for the night. Rather than describe what was there I'll just post some photos.

PS. Who is the girl on the right? In the past you have only seen her 'full-face'. The one standing ... well, you know.

PPS. Did Ohmy wake up just in time for work?

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Continuing to tread water ...

The French are still conspicuously absent ... but, the place looks fine; especially the staircases ... the ones parallel to, and facing the Chao Phya River.

The Oriental's shuttle boat now sports the hotel logo.

President Bush survives what many believe to be an assassination attempt.

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