Ferry Trouble

The Princess of Scandinavia

CNN, May 18, 2002

Crippled Ferry Safely in Norway

EDINBURGH, Scotland -- A disabled ferry with almost 900 people aboard limped into a Norwegian port after its crew put out engine-room fires that had caused it to lose power and drift off the Scottish coast.

Princess of ScandinaviaThe Princess of Scandinavia docked at Kristiansand, 155 miles southwest of the capital Oslo.

No serious injuries to passengers or crew were reported, said Morten Fure, a spokesman for ferry operator DFDS, adding that psychological counseling would be provided.

The fires delayed the Danish car ferry, carrying 758 passengers and 126 crew, by several hours on its journey from Newcastle, England.

Three passengers were treated on board for shock.

Earlier the captain of the stricken vessel said he had re-started one of the engines and the ship was moving toward Scandinavia.

"All search-and-rescue operations have been stood down," said Royal Air Force Flight Sergeant Ian Cross.

The Princess of Scandinavia declared distress late on Friday after fires broke out in the ship's two engine rooms.

An RAF plane began monitoring the ship, and RAF helicopters were dispatched as a precaution.

Had the engine not re-started, a lengthy evacuation would have been required, using the ship's life boats and RAF helicopters, Cross said.

Rescue plans had included temporarily putting some people onto nearby oil rigs. Other vessels sailed towards the ferry to offer help.

The Princess of Scandinavia was about 200 miles east of Edinburgh, Scotland when the distress call was issued.

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