The New SAS Airbus 340

Cooler Than the Old 767

Paul's Journal, May 22, 2002

SAS' new aircraft has been created and designed to offer you more choices, comfort and space. It has a larger cabin with lower sound level wide seats and increased pitch individual choice of entertainment large overhead bins. All designed just for you.

SAS Business Class offers you a totally redesigned cabin interior showcasing the simple elegance of Scandinavian design. New electronically adjustable seats feature head, neck, back and lumbar support as well as a foot and leg rest. An 8.4" personal video screen is located in the armrest, with a choice of 12 movies, 10 games and 18 auido channels. Each seat is equipped with a PC power outlet, phone and fax capability. Seating configuration provides all passengers with either an aisle or a window seat.
Number of seats: 54
Layout: 2+2+2
Seat width: 20.4" (52 cm)
Seat pitch: 50" (127 cm)

SAS Economy Extra offers you a larger seat with better pitch, giving you ample room to either work or rest. In addition, each seat is equipped with a PC power outlet, foot/leg rest and adjustable head/neck support. A 6.4" personal vidoe screen is located in the seat-back in front of you offering the same entertainment options as in both Economy Class and Business Class. Enjoy the same high quality Scandinavian World Cooking as in Economy Class.
Number of seats: 24
Layout: 2+3+2
Seat width: 18.3" (47 cm)
Seat pitch: 37" (94 cm)

In SAS Economy Class, you will enjoy adjustable head and neck support, a 6.4" personal video screen in the seat-back in front of you, mirror and a small pocket for storing items such as glasses. The newly designed Economy Class seat also offers a foot rest, allowing you to travel more comfortably. You will be served from out healthy, freshly prepared Scandinavian World Cooking along with complimentary beverages. With new amenities, including a new comfort kit and better seats, it's almost misleading to call it Economy Class.
Number of seats: 183
Layout: 2+4+2
Seat width: 17.7" (45 cm)
Seat pitch: 32" (81 cm)

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