Germans Prepare for Visit

May 16, 2002

from www.BushInBerlin.de

On May 22/23 2002 the American president George W. Bush comes to Berlin. A good reason for massive protests. Let us use varied and diverse forms of resistance to make his visit a fiasco! The word fiasco comes from the French and Italian vocabulary. Originally it means the flop of a theatre play. In general German usage it means failure.

And exactly that's how Bush's visit ought to be: a failure, a flop, ridiculous - and an obvious sign of our protest against war and neo-liberal globalisation.

This internet site addresses all left wings, who want to articulate their protest against the policy of the USA and their allies. It is meant as a platform for different kinds of protest - use it. This site lives on your participation and decentralised support - so do, what you can and want to.

By now already many demonstrations and activities have been announced around the summit in Berlin and throughout Germany - and each day the number grows. Bushinberlin.de tries to cover fully the spectrum of protests.

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