Where in the World is Alf? (Part V)

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February 21-28, 2003

Friday, February 21, 2003

This is for all the old gang at LAWSIG - BACKROOM: the woodchipper scene from the movie Fargo.1


1 Just 'stills'. Sorry!

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Compared with last week at the beach ... well, what do you think? Pretty horrible, huh?

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Can Andy Page identify this photograph?

PS: This 'wire' just in from Andy:

An early Uk Vending machine ... certainly pre 15/02/1971 as it takes REAL money! More than that I do not know!

Andy J. Page

Alf to Andy: But, the eggs ... at 2 and 6 ... doesn't that squeeze the date a bit? Also ... eggs from a machine? Surely a narrow window there!!

Monday, February 24, 2003

As the war approaches ...

PS: Andy Page (One of Her Majesty's Many Tax Collectors) has somethng else to add to the egg vending machine 'thread':

Guess from the dame's clothing it would be early 1960s or late 50s.

2 shillings and sixpence. A half-crown.

By the time I retire in a decade I will have levied taxes in £sd ... Decimal currency and probably €uros!

Andy J.Page

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

The photograph of the egg vending machine that appeared in these pages a few days ago has swamped THOCBDC with a tidal wave of letters. Psuedo-randomly chosen from the bag is this one from reader Ms. G. I-A. of England. She writes:

Date: 2/25/2003 9:08:05 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: xxxxxxxx@hotmail.com
To: Corkscrew@aol.com

Havent heard from you, so I looked at your web site to see where you are, I imagine that you are still around here.

Anyway your 'egg vending machine' created some interest (not much) but some.

Egg vending machines were invented by Ben Bush because the shops were closed on Sundays, you could get eggs and bread from the machines.

I would think your photo was from the late 40's early 50's, but it is hard to be specific as a lot of country folk still dress like that, probably still wearing the same coat.

They were called Selecto-Mat.

PS: Yikes! Can this be the same 'pilot' we saw at Château d'Oex 13 months ago? The same one who made 'another' name for himself not long ago?1 Probably not. Mike, has this ever happened to you? Bill? Steve? Buddy? It would make for great 'crew' stories ... for sure it would eclipse "Dan-the-dent-man" tales! And ... if Annie had her camera ... well, she would have captured that "SPLAT" in living black and white. But, better not tell Watcharee about this.

YOUNTVILLE, California (AP) -- A foreign tourist fell to his death Tuesday from a hot air balloon floating as much as 500 feet above a winery.

The victim, whose name and nationality were not released, was hanging onto the basket as the balloon was being inflated, and when it began to rise, he did not let go for some reason, Napa County sheriff's Lt. Jean Donaldson said.

The victim fell and landed in an asphalt parking lot.

Donaldson said the ballooning company had canceled morning flights because of the fog. It was filling the balloon and sending it up just to let tourists take pictures.

Detectives said they believe the pilot could not hear the crew's warning from below because of noise created by the balloon's burner.

1 Bad luck does run in 'threes'! Right?

FAST-BREAKING PS: This just in from Derek:

Subj: Mid-air mishaps
Date: 2/25/2003 10:05:27 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: derek.bxxxx@rxxxx.com
To: corkscrew@aol.com

I saw a clip on Real TV the other day, similar but not quite as "fatal" as your reported incident. As a balloon was taking off from a festival launch area, a woman was dragged into the air because her leg got caught in a mooring rope. She got about 50-feet into the air, but the rope let go of her leg at just the right moment - she landed on top of another balloon that was only just inflating and slid down the side. Only injuries were some cracked ribs.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

'Sob' ... I've been reduced to this ... stupid camera tricks! What next?

PS: Andy Page felt that my journal for today was so pathetically thin that he sent me this filler about elephants ... via the BBC:

War veteran elephant dies

An 86-year-old elephant which served two opposing armies in World War II has died at a zoo in Taiwan. The elephant, called Lin Wang, dragged Japanese army cannon and supplies through the jungles of Burma until he was captured by Chinese troops in 1943.

He continued his army service on the Chinese mainland, and later on Taiwan.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Only a few of THOCBDC readers have ever experienced a Slugfest. Now, with a single click, you too, can dive into the wonderful world of Slugfest.

Friday, February 28, 2003 (the end)

Paul found this last meal waiting for him when he came back to Seattle. Any guesses as to when, what and exactly where?

We'll be back later....

More to come ...

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