Where in the World is Alf? (Part VI)

Following Part V

March 1-9, 2003

Saturday, March 1, 2003

The cover story of this week's Weekly World News was all I could find ... No ... that's not exactly right: the New York times carried an ad for Matthew Barney's "The Cremaster Cycle"1; which is playing at the Guggenheim in New York.

1 'Cremaster' is the name of the muscle which allows testicles to either scoot up a bit snugger to the body, or to drop a ways down the pants leg* ... depending upon whether it is getting cool or warm in the man's privates.

* The right leg for left handed men and the left leg for right handed men. Gentlemen's tailors refer to this as "dressing right or dressing left". This may not be obvious until you think about it for a while.

Sunday, March 2, 2003

From The Nation (Bangkok).

Monday, March 3, 2003

New York Times:

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

From the New York Times:

by Jeff Danziger

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Res Ipsa!

Divinely guided

Thursday, March 6, 2003 (Watcharee's Birthday)

From John Cameron Mitchell, New York based actor, writer and director ... while starring in HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, a rock musical:

"It was a fun weekend for my show. I play a rock 'n' roll songstress named Hedwig who was originally a boy in Communist East Germany and wanted more. He agrees reluctantly to a sex change so he can marry an American GI and get the fuck out. He/she ends up divorced in a Kansas trailer park, watching the Berlin Wall come down on bootleg cable."

PS: The day looks a bit naked without a little color, albeit B&W; from the New York Times. And it follows nicely on yesterday.

by Ben Sargent

Friday, March 7, 2003

From the Bangkok Post! No, it's not about 'our' war. Guess again!



What's it mean?


Saturday, March 8, 2003

From the New York Times:

by Bill DeOre

Sunday, March 9, 2003

There is another 'war' going on elsewhere ... in February ~1,200 were killed.

From The Nation (Bangkok):

Don't Murder Us
Children show stickers with the message 'Don't shoot, child inside car' that they distributed to passers-by outside Government House yesterday. Bangkok resident Anek Thaworn-upakorn says he had the stickers made to call for greater concern for the innocent in the government's ongoing war on drugs.

More war on the way ...

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