Membership is open to all possessors of an intact OSP40 two-headed-two-tongued-Viking-ship corkscrew.  Tongues to be verified by Chris Bristow.

tonguecomparison.jpg (9379 bytes) Recently, several applicants submitted pictures of their two-headed-two-tongued-Viking-ship corkscrews.  One with a less than "intact" tongue (as shown in the comparison on the left) and two ships which are not of the OSP40 variety, but have both tongues intact.  It is with this in mind, that we have created an alternate membership title, henceforth known as pewter-tongues.  Upon successful acquisition, and subsequent tongue verification, of an intact OSP40 two-headed-two-tongue-Viking-ship corkscrew, the pewter tongue moniker will be lifted, and said members of the 2H2TVSCC then be true 2H2TVSCC Brothers. 


Peter Borrett's 2H2TVSC   

Josef L'Africain's 2H2TVSC  

viking3.jpg (43442 bytes) Chris Bristow's 2H2TVSC

 Pewter Tongues - 

930vikg1.jpg (14102 bytes)  Don Bull    DSCN0025.jpg (282336 bytes) Alf Leif Erickson


There are no dues to belong to the 2H2TVSCC, as that would be exclude those that possessed the corkscrew, but may not have the extra $20, $30, or $100 that other clubs charge lying around.  Besides, those monies are much better spent on corkscrews anyway. Gaining membership is much simpler, send (email) a photo of your two-headed-two-tongued (intact) Viking ship corkscrew to Peter Borrett.  He will forward the picture to Chris Bristow for tongue verification.   Any tongues that have seemingly been re-attached will immediately nullify the applicant's application.  We insist that no super-glue, masking tape, chewing gum, duct tape, or any other adhesive be used.  Tongues must be original; no fake tongues please.

Said, verified Viking ship photos, will then be sent to official 2H2TVSCC headquarters, and then posted here.  Certain photos, may quite possibly be used in the upcoming Snifter Publications price guide entitled, "THE ULTIMATE TWO HEADED TWO TONGUED VIKING SHIP CORKSCREW BOOK." 

Sergeant at Tongues - Vacant

Grand Broomhilda - Vacant

Chris Bristow - Coffee Maker, and Tongue Verifier

Peter Borrett - Treasurer

Josef L'Africain - WWW Correspondent