The Elbo Room

Founded in 1938

And Still Here Today

Fort Lauderdale, November 2, 2003

The Elbo Room was established in 1938 and has been a Ft. Lauderdale landmark for sixty years. The only thing separating the bar and the Atlantic Ocean is a two lane one way road. Due to its friendly atmosphere and desirable location, there is no secret to why this cozy watering hole has been extremely popular. It all began with the WW2 sailors in the 1940's, then the Spring Breakers from the fifties to the late eighties, and presently to anyone still reveling from the good ol' days to the Generation X crowd looking for a place where everyone knows their name.

The height of popularity for the Elbo Room was definitely launched by the filming of the movie "Where the Boys Are ", with Connie Frances and George Hamilton. College students from all over were flocking to bask in the sun and meet the girl or guy of their dreams. The phenomenon of Spring Break continued in Ft. Lauderdale through the eighties and was documented with a re-make of "Where the Boys Are", starring Tom Cruise and Shelly Long ...

With Spring Break peaking in 1985 with over 350,000 students, the city of Ft. Lauderdale was overwhelmed. The city proceeded to erect a wall in 1987 to keep all people on one side of the street and cracked down on open containers and underage drinking. With all these provisions, the spring breakers went other places. Due to the new attitude the city was taking on Spring Break, many businesses went bankrupt. The city lost an estimated 40 million dollars. Through it all, the Elbo Room persevered.

In 1993, the city of Ft. Lauderdale began a revitalization of the beach. The Elbo Room was granted the first outdoor cafe license to help lead the way in the city's new look. Staying with the times, as the Elbo Room has always done, an internet camera was placed inside and outside of the bar in July 1996. Our website has attracted over 2 million customers in the last year and a half.

With the success of our original website, which only allowed users to view the inside of the bar and a nice ocean view, we launched the world's first fully interactive entertainment network. Now, offers its subscribers an array of live, full motion cameras with sound. The cameras now include a live beach camera which allows users to view the weather for the day - not to mention the many scantily clad beachgoers! Our new live bar chat is becoming very popular and allows people around the world using the internet to see and chat with people enjoying themselves at the bar. If you are stuck at work and can't make happy hour in person, you can join our live happy hour show via the net. The show will interview people in the bar and on the beach. Not a bad way to spend your last hour of work. If that's not enough, join our online dating, view our live band camera and bikini pages, enroll in online bartending school, or shop at the online Elbo store.

Through wars, Spring Breaks, good times and bad, you can count on the Elbo Room to be a place where happy memories are made.

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