March in Bangkok, Part II

After Part I

March 8-15, 2004

Monday, March 8, 2004

I have never been to an orphanage before yesterday. And my knowledge of orphanages has been pretty much limited to what I've learned about them from reading Charles Dickens ... and from the tales of Depression-Era inner-city Catholic homes for parentless waifs. Though this one, in Bangkok, seemed cheery by comparison I'm sure that the kids from here have just as much in common with their 'ancestral' siblings as Bush and Kerry have with each other's childhood years.

Anyway, the day after Watcharee celebrated her big '3-Oh' she, along with P'Pom and Golf, visited one of Bangkok's private orphanages in order to 'give'. It is a Buddhist belief that by giving in this 'cycle' of life one can avoid having to grind through some of the less cozy rooms on your next pass.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Yikes ... Segways have come to Bangkok!

This 'rental' company, "Thailand Segway Tours", offers twice a day rides through the back roads of Bangkok. The meeting place is on Soi 4 at Sukhumvit: the notorious address of the Nana Entertainment Complex. However, the early rendezvous hours of 8AM and 11AM probably ensure that your wheels won't be competing with hookers and pimps for the precious pavement space. But, the early morning riders might have to navigate around some still sticky and slippery spots that haven't yet been burned away by Bangkok's near-noon broiling sun. With a little luck the 'elevenses' group might be able to catch a scary glimpse of the first Nana shift coming to work.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

It was nearing 5:30 in the afternoon and the sun would be gone at a little after 7. We were just sitting around 5A and I remarked that the only time we ever took a fishtail boat was when we had guests in town.

"Why not take one now?"

So, we did.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Pascal's WagerFebruary 25th was Ash Wednesday: the Start of Lent. And the 'season' will reach its religious crescendo on April 11th: Easter.

THOCBDC wishes to address the ageless question: Is there an Easter Bunny? And, did the Easter Bunny have a Baby Easter Bunny? Relying on the writings of surrogate intellectuals (*), THOCBDC will put the case both 'for' and 'against' the existence of these Bunnies (with built in rebuttals) (**). THOCBDC will also post an uber-intellectual argument (***) that roams far and wide before finally coming up with a 'Yes' vote.

Today THOCBDC splashes you with the words of the most powerful of the pro-Bunny groups ... those of the so-called 'Pascal's Wager' faction ("Hey, why take a chance!") (****):

(*) They will remain anonymous as their words were stolen by THOCBDC.

(**) Which essentially means both cases wind up leaving the reader with a big "No".

(***) This argument is included because the editor of THOCBDC knows the author; they shared the same Jesuit secondary education ... though one went one way while the other went another way.

(****) Known as the Abba group in Sweden ("Take a chance ... take a chance ... take a chance on Me!")

Friday, March 12, 2004

Bangkok's Night Market is as noted for its mannequins as is Patpong for its bar girls. Well ... almost. Hmmmm ... not really. Anyway, here they are:

PS: A.T. of Napa, California (USA) writes: "If there is no 'Easter Bunny' (your easily seen through reference to God) how do you explain this?"

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Last night we made a last minute decision to drive up to Ayutthaya to visit our 'river house'. Watcharee's step-father built it by hand ... including all of the wood furniture.

P'Pom and Golf came with us.

PS: The other side of the Easter Bunny coin (*) argues that a 'perfect creator' would be incompatible with Itself.

(*) Flip back a few pages to see the Pascal face of the coin.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Turning on Tinman:

Monday, March 15, 2004

Tonight we are packing ... tomorrow morning we are leaving Bangkok. Check back to see where we (and who) have gone ... and why.

PS: To put the third corner on our Easter Bunny trilogy THOCBDC turns to über-intellectual M. H. III, a Jesuit (err ... a Bunnuit?) scholar.

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