May in Bangkok, Part IV

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May 22-26, 2004

Saturday, May 22, 2004

The Screwless Tuskers (2004) team has been selected! You will recognize two of the players from last year (*); the other two are total virgins at the sport.

Though the pachyderm games will not begin until September we wanted all four 'girls' to have as much time as possible to prepare for the encounters at Hua Hin.

Tomorrow THOCBDC will give you a little bit more information about our 4th participation at The King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament.

(*) 'Click' back to relive 2003.

PS: Several days ago I speculated about whether this place would be a part of our Bangkok future. We visited it this afternoon.

PPS: We are looking at a place on the 32nd floor with this view (10:00 am and 7:00 pm).

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Yesterday THOCBDC gave you an overview of the 2004 Screwless Tuskers team: the foursome that will go head-to-head with Europe's, Asia's, America's and Australia's BEST players at the 2004 King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament ... that will be held in Hua Hin, Thailand, in September.

Today we'll profile our team captain ... she is also a veteran of last year's struggle: "GOLF"!

Golf is a senior at the university; she is 23 years old, weighs 54 kilograms and stands 174 centimeters (in flats). Inch-wise she is a 32 - 25 - 36. Her hobbies are playing tennis, going to the cinema and having long girlish lunches.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Today we feature the second member of the Screwless Tuskers (2004) elephant polo team: "TOKTAK".

Like Golf, Toktak played in the 2003 King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament. She is 22 years old, stands 171 centimeters and weighs 53 kilograms. Her important inch measurements are 35 - 25 - 37. She is a senior at Rajaphat Bansomdaj Jalpraya University (in Bangkok). Her interests are swimming and having long girlish lunches.


Bangkok ready to talk with rebels
Monday, May 24, 2004 Posted: 1:20 AM EDT (0520 GMT)

BANGKOK, Thailand (Reuters) -- The Thai government is ready for talks with a Muslim separatist umbrella group blamed for violence in the Muslim south in which more than 200 people have died since January, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said on Monday.

"It brings no harm to talk," Thaksin told reporters after the Bangkok Post newspaper quoted the chairman of the Bersatu group as telling a seminar in Malaysia he was willing to hold talks.

"At least we could get some pieces to complete our jigsaw," Thaksin added,

Shinawatra talks to Muslim women in Thailand's south shortly after the April 28 violence.
while suggesting he had little respect for Bersatu leader Wan Abdul Kadir Che Man.

"Maybe some weirdos could help us solve the problem," Thaksin said.

Defence Minister Chettha Thanajaro confirmed to a Bangkok radio station Wan Abdul Kadir was a leader of Bersatu, a Malay word meaning united, responsible for a resurgence of deadly attacks on government officials and state property since January.

"It is the mastermind," Chettha said when asked by the radio anchor if Bersatu was responsible for the violence.

"Every separatist movement is under this organization."

"We are still coordinating with them on the official level and will come up with an appointment and a place," he said.

But the Bangkok Post also quoted Wan Abdul Kadir, 62, as denying the movement was behind April 28 attacks in which police and soldiers killed 108 Muslim militants and the January raid on an army camp in Narathiwat in which almost 400 guns were stolen.

The newspaper quoted him as saying the violence in southern Thailand stemmed from political problems and could be solved only through political dialogue.

"If a political dialogue is conducted between separatists and representatives from the government, it could lead to a solution to the problems," he was quoted as telling the seminar at the University of Malaya in Malaysia's central state of Selangor.

The group would demand its people be involved in the administration of the three southern provinces, Wan Abdul Kadir said in an interview with the BBC radio Thai service broadcast on Monday.

"The objective of our struggle was separatism," said Wan Abdul Kadir, a native of the Thai southern province of Pattani.

"But in the world of globalization," he said, "we want the status of people who live in this land and want to have a say in the administration."

But Chettha told the Bangkok radio any deal would have to be within the constitution.

"We have the constitution and they know that. They can speak their mind now, but once we have a chance to sit down together and discuss, we hope we can come up with a conclusion," he said.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Let's now turn to the newest members of the Screwless Tuskers (2004) elephant polo team. Gift and Toktak, whom you have already 'seen', will be joined by two virgins to the sport. The first one is JUM.

Jum is 23 years old; she was a runner up in the 2004 Miss Tiffany Contest.(*) She is 171 centimeters tall and weighs 55 kilograms. Her vital inches are 34 - 25 - 37. She is a drama student at one of the two most prominent universities in Thailand: Thummasat University. Her hobbies are cooking and having long girlish lunches.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

KENG is the fourth member of the Screwless Tuskers (2004) elephant polo team. She is the youngest of the lot: only 21. She weighs only 46 kilograms and in her bare feet she tops out at 167 centimeters. Inch-wise she is 31 - 25 - 35. Like Jum she is a virgin at the game.

She is a senior at Assumption University (another prestigious Bangkok university). Her hobbies are shopping, diving and having long girlish lunches.

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