John Kerry's War Wounds

Photos from the Late 1960s

From a correspondent, August 31, 2004

THOCBDC received this letter from Dr. Samanchi (retired):

"During the war in Vietnam I had the honor of treating John Kerry for two wounds he received in combat ... for which he was awarded Purple Hearts. It was my custom at the time to photograph all wounds to which I was called upon to give aid. These two photographs clearly show the seriousness of the Senator's injuries. Thanks to Asian folk lotions and special balms Mr. Kerry's wounds are no longer visible to the naked eye ... so, if you ask him to roll up his sleeve or bare his leg you will see nothing."

John Kerry's War Wounds John Kerry's War Wounds

Doctor Samanchi writes more:

"Yes, John Kerry's ass did take a beating, too. Enemy napalm pokes ... (via a Viet Cong fire-fight-enema tool ...) ... did blow out a few chunks of his butt before we were able to steam all of his orifices shut. Though, our East Asian medicinal juices did manage to keep his major ham slices just blistery (and not burnt off) before he had to go back to the States."

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