Bangkok Enters 2005

After The Tempest

January 1-6, 2005

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Happy New Year ... from Watcharee and Rataree!

PS: Here is Watcharee standing between two photographs of her deceased father (*) ... along with a frame of postage stamps of her King: that being in the middle. This picture was taken just before we went to The Oriental last night to meet Alex and Rataree for dinner.

(*) He died in a terrible boating accident when she was a small child.

PPS: For our foodies:

Italian fashion design gone too far?
(Spaghetti jewelry, ladles and colanders.)

Sunday, January 2, 2005

Good neighbors:

Monday, January 3, 2005

When we go to the market in Chinatown there is always a fantastic variety of foods that are sold on the street. Since my day was not interesting these will serve as a 'station break' of sorts.

PS: Anna's trip to India:

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Where were we going ... and why? And, why didn't we take our own car? And, to whom was Watcharee talking? And, about what?

None of the above has anything to do with these two piles. But what about those two piles?

PS: I added her for glitter ... to an otherwise dull day!

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Last night Watcharee, Pom and I had dinner at the newly redecorated Next-2 restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel (our closest neighbor ... like just half a hundred feet away ... nearer than some people's dining rooms in their own houses).

The central support column in this restaurant is cleverly disguised as a display of pickled foods. However, my spies told me that the contents of the jars...though appearing to be real...are made of plastic. Had these edible looking bits actually sprouted from real roots the whole thing would have quickly taken on that faded look associated with a tin of baby peas.

But, for 'chocoholics' winding up their meal, there is an exciting chocolate 'fountain' ... (or, 'chocofall'?) ... into which the devoted 'dessertee' can dip her choices. Pom chose a cherry.

PS: Another Paul, one who lives in northern Thailand, has a 'mia noi' who would make a mutual friend of ours ... (a guy who lives in North Carolina) ... very envious ... despite the fact that this Tar-Heel friend (or, is it 'Tarheel'?) loves 'crunching' in the gym more than anything else in this whole wide world.

OK, Ray, eat your heart out! What's in NC that can beat this?

Thursday, January 6, 2005

The other Paul sent these pictures of his visit to the Thai-Burma border. Paul lives not far from there.

PS: Reader Susan Cassone from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA) writes:

"Alf, I must ask, how is that you have all these naked woman on your site. How do you get those pictures? You have become even more perverse as time goes on. How interesting and diverse your life is over there in southeast Asia."

True, Susan! Life in BKK can't be beat.

Anyway, here is another one, darling: But, damn, Suz, isn't she so wholesome looking ... like that girl next door? You can't fault her, can you?

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