Bangkok Enters 2005, Part II

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January 7-12, 2005

Friday, January 7, 2005 (pre-journal)

This is from the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles. The last paragraph raises a good point: should sex education in public schools be left in the hands of teachers with just 'traditional' credentials, or should it be out-sourced to professional brothels? In many countries it is the paternal duty of the father to walk his son to the front door of brothel ... entrust the boy to the care of the 'Mama-san' or Madame ... and at that point Dad just hangs around the lobby until the first lesson has finished.

Teacher Answers Lewd Act Charges

ORANGE — An Orange middle school teacher has been charged with 20 counts of lewd acts for allegedly molesting and having sex with two of her students when they were 12-14 years old, prosecutors said.

A teary-eyed Sarah Suzanne Bench-Salorio, 28, of Orange, appeared in court in a blue jail jumpsuit, but her arraignment was postponed until Jan. 14.

She is being held on $1 million bail.

Bench-Salorio is accused of lewd acts with one of the boys between May and September 2003, and the other boy between September and December of last year.

Bench-Salorio, who taught reading and English for two years at Santiago Charter Middle School, was arrested Tuesday, a day after one of the boys told his parents about the alleged contact with his former teacher, police said.

District Attorney Anthony Rackauckas (*) told reporters that the boys "were seduced by Bench-Salorio over dinner, through e-mails and phone calls for several months before any molestation started."

"These were students of hers that she befriended and romanced over a period of time, and then seduced," he said.

"Miss Bench-Salorio was entrusted with teaching these boys reading and writing and instead these victims had to learn lessons that they should not have had to learn from this teacher," Rackauckas said.

(*) Anthony Rackauckas, Jr. (J.D. Loyola University of Los Angeles, School of Law): Professor Rackauckas currently is the District Attorney for Orange County, and was formerly a Superior Court Judge in Orange County where he presided over complex criminal court and jury trials. Along with his judicial experience, Professor Rackauckas has been a trial attorney with the Orange County District Attorney's Office. He served as a Deputy District Attorney for over sixteen years, with a distinguished career as a homicide prosecutor. During his tenure, he tried over 40 homicide cases, many of which were high profile cases. He has been active in authoring legislation such as Proposition 115. Courses: Criminal Trial Practice. Evidence.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Propaganda posters from the Great War:

Reader Cecil from Leonia NJ in the USA asks: "Why?"

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Tomorrow's entry might be more revealing of what's to come ... I don't mean what is around our immediate corner; rather something that is two or three years away from us.

In the mean time, here are a few innocuous 'clicks' from my neighborhood. Anyone who has been here (*) even sporadically will probably just shift in their seats with a bit of boredom; though I can never tire of the river traffic ... ... or of living within walking distance of three of the best five star hotels in the world (**), or of dining at Next 2 when our frying pan is cold.


(**) That's The Pen nestled up against our satellite dish. The pool belongs to the Shangri-La. The clams and mussels are from Next 2.

PS: Reader Anna V. from Irkutsk (in Siberia) writes:

"Can you give me a hint ... about what might be on your three year horizon?"

OK, Anna. It's big and red ... well, the 'hint' is that ... not what is actually on the far off horizon.

PPS: Here is a curious sign for rooms near Nana.

Sunday, January 9, 2005

The Thai national and the local Bangkok elections are less than a month away; voters will go to the polls on February 6th ... and most of the political pundits see Thaksin as being a shoo-in for another four year term as Prime Minister. Today is the first day that campaign posters can be slapped up. And, they are going up wide and fast; by mid-week the country will be fully papered with political faces. God, it doesn't seem like four years have passed since Thaksin was first elected PM (*).

(*) Long-time readers will also recall that almost five years ago there was another Thai election; at that time it was for seats in the Thai Senate. And, it was one in which my friend San Porn1 had a vested interest in the outcome. I'm not sure, but I think her candidate had an agenda that best served the needs of the girls who worked in Patpong.

1 Footnote to a footnote: I walked by the Super Queen today. Porn was not working; either she took an early retirement or I missed her shift. Hey, could be that her day-off is on Sunday.

PS: Do you have any idea as to why this girl is doing this? And, why is she apparently enjoying herself so much? No, it's not an ad for an out-of-the-mainstream Patpong service! Click here to take yourself to the picture page which explains why she is smiling.

Happy Girl

PPS: Yes, I did promise you something yesterday: I implied, "what is that red crane doing and you'll know why in 24 hours?" Make me a liar! How about another hint before I get to the core? A little postponement! OK? Thanks!

Yes, a major monk and a symbolic offering you can readily see; but, dear reader, you don't know the exact time ... and this is crucial to figuring out the whole thing.

What you are looking at took place on Saturday, January 8, 2005 (*) at 10:29 in the morning! And, the magic moment was not a second shy on either side of that minute mark. (**)

(*) 2548 on the Thai calendar.

(**) Do you remember when we bought our car? Follow the logic.

Monday, January 10, 2005

More people (*) are involved; not just the lone monk at this point.

(*) The man wearing the Jim Thompson silk shirt (with Beer Chang elephants on it) is Dr. Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi. Among his other properties are the Carlsburg breweries in Thailand, Pantip Plaza, the Imperial Hotel chain, the Plaza Athenee Hotel on Wireless Road, Leo beer in Cambodia, and much much more.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

That's enough about monks and millionaires. As to why they are here ... just a few more clues:

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Now I am clueless .....

(See December 13)

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