October in Florida, Part I

After September

October 1-7, 2005

Saturday, October 1, 2005

Watcharee's friend, Ta, visited my little corkscrew museum (*).

(*) Some of my best pieces still have Bob Nugent's tags on them.

Sunday, October 2, 2005 (Ten years ago today the jury in the O.J. Simpson murder trial was in its penultimate day of deliberations.) (*)

Last night we took Stephani and Robin to Jackson's Steak house. She looked fabulous, as usual.

(*) Today O.J. was signing autographs (for money)1 at a horror/spook show in Las Vegas.

1 Presumably to help fund the effort to find the killer(s) of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

PS: From reader P.F. from America: "I wonder what the Las Vegas odds are on the race between OJ catching the real killers vs. GWB catching Osama."

Monday, October 3, 2005 (Ten years ago today a Los Angeles jury said it was OK for O. J. to go back to his golf game)

Ever since the Supreme Court said it was OK for lawyers to advertise (*), members of the Bar have been right up there with P&G with in your face TV pitches (**).

But, today I saw a woman advertising for a lawyer! Her car was peppered with hand written 'bumper strips'. Though many of them had to deal with such things as ... why people should vote, not honk at cars, eat sensibly, take care of their pets, etc ... one of them was a pointed need for a lawyer:

"Desperately still need attorney or judge to once and for all to help me with three very serious legal problems which ended up in Palm Beach court ..." (***)

My in-car GPS Navigator said "Prepare to turn right in fifty feet."

(*) Take a look in the Yellow Book; it's truly amazing.

(**) A couple of years ago THOCBDC even caught sight of a bus stop bench that had been hired out by a local 'ambulance chaser'1,2.

(***) As the sentence then wandered into her inability to pay ... well, at that point any lawyer who might have been following her car probably switched on his turn indicator.

1 A quaint description.

2 A Los Angeles attorney carried this 'chase' to a new level of sophistication. He left a standing order with Pizza Hut: at the stroke of midnight Pizza Hut's cycles would fan out all over town and deliver a couple of pizzas to each of the emergency wards in LA's countless hospitals ... along with a stack of his business cards.

PS: Yesterday CNN reported that President Bush and Chief Justice Roberts attended a Roman Catholic 'Red Mass' in honor of lawyers! Is there really such a thing?

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

You have to love those auto-generated Google ads that bury themselves in the relevant news.


G-String Law!
4-ft separation for Seattle strippers

Posted online: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 at 1316 hours IST
Updated: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 at 1322 hours IST

SEATTLE, OCTOBER 4: The Seattle city council approved some of the strictest adult-entertainment regulations of any big city in the country, banning lap dances and the tipping of dancers in their G-strings.

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Strip Club Financing
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The council voted 5-4 on Monday to require that dancers stay 4 feet from patrons, and that the clubs maintain at least parking-garage brightness throughout the premises. Private rooms will not be allowed and patrons will be offered a tip jar, instead of dealing directly with dancers.

"For the most part, the attraction's gone," said Gillevy, a lawyer for Rick's adult nightclub in Seattle.

"It will make the clubs less fun."

The legislation was requested by mayor Greg Nickels and will take effect six months after he signs it. The mayor's office said the restrictions were needed to prevent a rash of cabarets from opening after a federal judge struck down the city's 17-year moratorium on new strip clubs.

Those who opposed the rules suggested zoning would be a better way to regulate strip clubs. Seattle has no zoning regulations governing adult entertainment.

Opponents also argued that the rules were unbecoming of a city that prides itself on being liberal and tolerant.

"Without being prudes, we can be prudent," said councilman Nick Licata.

"For far too long, men have tried to tell women what work they can do," added councilwoman Jean Godden.

In the late 1980s, concerned residents persuaded the city to impose a 180-day moratorium, to keep the number where it was while officials studied the social effects of the clubs and whether zoning regulations were needed.

PS: Rules of the road for driving in Thailand (swiped from the Thai forum):

Thai Driving Rules:

1) The bigger, more expensive car always has the right-of-way.

2) It is legal to drive on the wrong side of the road, or the wrong way down a one-way street if that is more convenient for you.

3) Motorcycle helmets are optional, except during the period when the police are doing the yearly crack-down.

4) The number of passengers on a motorcycle is only limited by the amount of space available to carry them.

5) If you are in an accident with a farang, it is the farang's fault.

6) If you are in an accident with another Thai driver, run away before the police come.

6a) If you are unable to run away for some reason, ensure the other driver is dead and blame the whole mess on him.

7) License, registration and insurance are all optional for Thai drivers. This makes it easier for them to run from the scene of an accident.

8) Even though you are 10 meters away from the next red traffic light or stop sign, you must get ahead of the only vehicle ahead of yours.

9) Whenever you turn on a main road from a secondary road, check your mirrors and see if there was any oncoming traffic. Now is also a good time to pick your nose or check on your make-up.

10) All truck drivers who used to play or dream of playing a wind instrument must modify the exhaust system so that it produces the sound of a tuba that can blow 120 decibels.

11) Never let the slower driver ahead of you politely move to the slower lane. You must dangerously use the slow lane to pass before he safely does.

12) Don't be a cheapo! Contribute, like all others, to the greenhouse effect by having your exhaust system spew out massive quantities of soot. This also allows people riding motorcycles to drive with one hand only while the other safely covers the mouth to block out toxic fumes down to 1 particle per million.

13) After pulling over to the side of the road, be sure to take off slowly (30 km per hour is recommended) and hesitate for 113 meters while hogging two lanes.

14) On all highways: The faster you go, the closer you must be to the vehicle ahead.

15) Clockwise or counter clockwise will do fine at any intersection.

16) In a heavy downpour, DO NOT turn on your headlights, save them for evenings only.

17) The more people sit in the back of your truck, the faster you must go in order to keep them cool.

18) Don't be alarmed by the siren of the ambulance boxed in the traffic behind you, stay calm and still. (I really saw this one where the ambulance could not move at all for 20 minutes and some poor guy was having the sh*t beat out of his chest).

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Last night we took Ta and her farang husband, Jon (*), to Seasons 52 for dinner. Watcharee drove.

(*) Like myself, Jon is of Norwegian extraction. Parenthetically1, on the surface it seems odd that so many 'Norwegian' men whom I know are married to Thai women. The climate and the cuisines are such polar opposites.

1 Or, should I say 'footnoteally'?

PS: On about the same acreage Norway has a population of about four million while Thailand has roughly 66 million people. Norway has a big social safety net; Thailand allows free falls. Though both countries do have a lot of seascape, albeit with different style beaches. So, go figure.

[Paul, are you listening? Is that sailboat life with a teen Thai wife sounding more inviting now?]

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Res Ipsa.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Sometimes a corkscrew is not a corkscrew.

PS: The little 'silver' dot in the upper right of the photo is a US quarter (to give you a sense of scale) [*]. And the tag on one of the items will only be identifiable by Don Bull and Joe Paradi; it is evidence that the 'screw' came from Bob Nugent's collection.

[*] I couldn't find a ruler.

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