April 2006 in Bangkok

After Flight from Florida

April 5-12, 2006

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 (Pre-journal)

Res Ipsa!

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

The Lord pulls an old knee slapper:

Intelligent Design?

Thunderstorms and tornadoes swept through the Midwest and the South on Sunday, killing at least 27 people and destroying thousands of homes.
In Dyersburg, Tenn., Walter Asher, pastor of the Christ United Methodist Church, sat on the steps of what was left of the church.

PS: "Kitchen Help"

From the same people (Good Shit) who brought you the "knee slapper":

PPS: Reader George adds some more about Cleo's last years:

Hi Alf,

Cleo was a pretty heavy drug user and not ashamed to admit it, I don't think there was too much that she did not try (or overindulge in). Hard to say if the illness was drug related or if her death was drug related. I tend to believe that everything is related to some degree and that heavy drug use will kill you eventually (and sometimes very quickly).

I don't know which particular girl you are referring to, she had many friends and the old Goa crowd was and still is constantly traveling through Thailand.

After you met her in Bangkok, she moved back to New York for a few years but was not really in her element there and ended up moving back to Goa, I think about a year before she died but it could have been a little longer.

I am driving cross country (from Calais, Maine to Los Angeles) in a week with my son (to show him a little more of America) and then we will drive up the coast to San Francisco and fly out to Bangkok at the end of the month. How's that for a road trip?


Dear Reader:

There are a few remaining links to Cleo's life on my Useless Page (about 14 sites down from the top entry). You can also go directly to her at: http://mosaic.echonyc.com/~cleo/

Thursday, April 6, 2006

This afternoon I drove over to the construction site of the Athenee Residence. Quite a few more layers have been added to the pile since I was last there. It appears that they are now working on floor 17 or 18. That means they still need to add another 22 or 23 floors before the building tops out. Our unit will be on level 26 so I'm guessing that our space won't have a view for at least a few more months.

I think that the nearby intersection of Ploenchit and Soi Ruam Rudi must be the most densely wired spot in Bangkok. God only knows if anyone has any idea where all these wires lead. Maybe the powers that be just add a new wire when one of the old ones develops a leak; I just can't imagine that every one of these wires serves a purpose.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the river the Hilton is finally open for business. Seasoned readers will note that this was the former site of THOCBDC. Before that it was an aborted Sofitel Hotel; THOCBDC has archived rare photos of the place when it was in its abandoned state.

PS: This was going to be one of the April Fool's jokes that Sandra had planned for me ... this message would have been placed in an international corkscrew collector's magazine as well as in a widely read Internet site:

What do you give the man who has everything? How about your soul? I, as you well know, am an avid corkscrew collector. My collection is quite extensive and includes some rare pieces. I am giving you, dear reader, the chance to be some of my first, and thereby dearest, acquisitions.

I am particularly interested in the souls of the unborn. Interested mothers must be in their third trimester and should enclose the required statement in a corked bottle.

I do hereby transfer my soul to Alf L. Erickson.

No soul will be returned. No souls will be traded or resold. Upon my death, all souls will remain in my possession. Souls relinquished during the Easter holiday will be entitled to a special bonus.

Friday, April 7, 2006

This afternoon Sa visited us. She is the younger sister of our friend in Florida, Kig. Sa has been on these pages several times in the past ... do you remember her? At one time she had a diamond (or, was it a ruby?) implanted in one of her front teeth.

Later, driving back from The Oriental I had a front row seat at the traffic light to see the odd juxtaposition of the giant State Tower and the little red Chinese gold shop.The gold shop has been on that corner for a century; State Tower for less than a tenth of that time.

And, could any THOCBDC day be complete without a Thai food shot and those who prepared it?

Saturday, April 8, 2006

A Thai food binge:

Sunday, April 9, 2006 (Pre-journal)

This third generation kid starts off her wired life with an Apple!

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Any guesses as to when and where ... they are not in the least bit related:

Monday, April 10, 2006

Yesterday's cryptic photograph was of a part of the Railway Museum here in Bangkok. Its posted-on-the-door opening hours are from 5AM to noon on Sundays. Yes, you read that right. The last time we went there was during a weekday, and we naturally (naively?) assumed that the place would be open. Yesterday, with the bizarre opening hours still in mind, we returned to the museum at 10AM ... well within its 7 hour window, and ... yes, it was closed.

Yesterday's cryptic pictogram (an answering machine?) ... (did you push the "click me" button?) ... well, you are not missing anything even if you clicked as the message could only be 'understood' by about half a dozen people in this whole world. Let's see ... Laurie, Paul, Rosemary, Ralph, myself ... anyone else? Probably not.

While the international press was fronting its publications with what has happened in Thailand the local Thai language dailies were just spending ink to cover up spilled blood.

Meanwhile, I went to the car wash ... twice.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Paris would be SO embarrassed if she came to Bangkok.

PS: What are the Holcim Awards?

PPS: Has there been a shift in the balance of power in the long running arboreal 'war'?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Maybe Paris wouldn't have to hang her head after all.

I drove over to the Hilton Millennium this afternoon. The entrance and the walk-up to the concierge desk is not in the least bit shabby.

It is rather nice living within a five minute commute to five 5 star hotels (*) (Shangri-La, Lebua at State Tower, The Oriental, The Peninsula and the Millennium Hilton).

(*) Is 5-5-5 some sort of magical number; like three 9s in China or three 6s in Hell?

PS: Chance a guess at last night's dinner?

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