Bangkok, April 2007
Part III

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April 23-30, 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

At least once every three months I get an overwhelming craving for food other than Thai; and this usually means oysters and a NY strip steak. The Millennium Hilton on the far side of the Chao Phraya river is one of the best places in Bangkok to satisfy this urge. And, the waitresses at Prime are really cute.

Last night Watcharee and I took two of her cousins with us. You have met Tick (girl) and Tong (boy) several times in the past. I think that the first time that you saw them was at the Hua Hin Elephant Polo championships in 2001.

This morning there was a beautiful mirrored sunrise (*) on the river.

(*) On several of our earlier four day stays at the Millennium Hilton we witnessed a mirrored sunset on the river.

PS: The best ad ever for post-its:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

We had a special delivery today. In Bangkok DHL sometimes handles Express mail from USPS. Only Paul will understand why THOCBDC is so quiet. (*)

(*) Hint: AIx2, TR, TS and DH.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Any guesses as to where we are going?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

We are spending a few days on this west side of the river ... at the Millennium Hilton. Our friend, Spencer, who is the head chef at The Flow is moving to Sydney to open a restaurant, named Kell's Kitchen (his surname is Kell).

We'll miss him. He used to work at The Oriental (where we first met him) before he moved here to the Millennium Hilton.

Incidentally, Spencer's father, Peter, was the Mercedes representative here in Bangkok ... (one of the reasons why we stuck with the brand) ... before he took up a similar job in India. Before moving to India Peter and his Thai wife also lived at River Garden. The expat community here is reasonably close.

These are the views from the 27th floor ... both conventional and fish-eye.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Up to now THOCBDC has only featured The Flow's interior. But The Flow has a lot of outdoor seating that offers some spectacular views not only of itself but of its cross river neighbors (which can also be seen inverted in the restaurant's reflective pools).

Last night we dined (*) at the Millennium Hilton's Prime restaurant. A new waitress has joined the already beautiful team of girls who work there.

(*) OK, I know that I have been beating you over the head with these steak and lobster photos for more than a year.

PS: My friend, Dan, from Taipei and Shanghai always buys his jeans from a husband-friendly shop.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last night we took the hotel boat across the river to River City for dinner. It has been about six years since Watcharee and I last ate at the River City B-Q Corner. [My friend, Susan Cassone, will also remember this place for other reasons.]

Anyway, at this Korean type B-Q restaurant a bucket of hot coals is brought to the table and it is lowered into a hole in the center of the table. It is then covered with a copper grilling dome upon you place various meats and things to cook and simmer (*). Ample sauces accompany the whole process.

(*) The dome has a recessed lip that allows a circle of broth to boil around the meat. Here noodles and vegetables find a cooking home.

Sunday, April 29, 2007 (Pre-journal)

Should I be surprised by these AOL poll results?

Do you believe there was a real Noah's Ark as described in the Bible?
Total Votes: 9,990

Sunday, April, 29, 2007

Yesterday we went to Siam Paragon to see the movie "Hannibal Rising". This movie theatre is like flying in the First Class section of a 747. The seats are spacious with almost full reclining capabilities. There is on-demand food and drink service provided by the 'in flight' theatre staff. Blankets and pillows come with the seats.

The movie stars a Japanese woman who is a 100% look-alike to our very own Noo.

I almost forgot, before the movie started a bunch of Thai teenagers were auditioning for a Korean hip contest in the lobby of the theatre.

Monday, April 30, 2007

A couple of years ago we went to Bangkok's largest restaurant, an undercover series of connecting dining rooms that can serve several thousand people at the same time.

Yesterday we made another visit to the restaurant. It is called "Sawang Kitchen" and it is located by the shore at the south edge of Bangkok. It only serves Thai food and I think that I was the only farang eating there.

We went with Watcharee's "cooking cousin" (Ko) and his wife (Noi) and their two daughters, Praew and Preem. Also with us was Watcharee's "Chinese cousin" (Orn) and her husband (Leng) and his daughter, Som.

Pom and Golf also were there.

PS: The percentages remain the same but the sheer number of idiots is staggering. This suggests that if the entire population of the US was polled on this question more than 240 million people would say that they believe this silly fiction.

Do you believe there was a real Noah's Ark as described in the Bible?
Total Votes: 265,196

PPS: You can read the Noah fairy tale starting here.

PPPS: More on the love boat.

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