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July 24-31, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 (Pre-journal)

Oh my God!

This is worse than the news that the Wall Street Journal may be sold to Fox.

Over the years the WWN has been a rich and valuable source for THOCBDC in its own attempt to keep its readers abreast of the weird. The Weekly World News even covered our own Screwless Tuskers when our ladyboy team battled for last place in the King's Cup Elephant Polo Championship in Hua Hin. It is a sad day for journalism and print integrity.

Weekly World News Killed By Aliens,
Declining Circulation

R.I.P. Weekly World News. The imaginative tabloid, which gave the world Bat Boy, Ed Anger and a woman celebrating her 7-year wedding anniversary with a space alien, is no more. They're shuttering the publication in August. No reason was given.

Staff writer Bob Greenberger commented on his blog:

"Friday morning, Jeff Rovin comes in for a meeting and then the staff was to be called in. He's looking harried, not at all relaxed. At 11:30, we're finally shown into an office where we are told the Board of Directors has chosen to close Weekly World News. The reasons given make no sense. We're stunned and shell-shocked. We're to stay on through August 3, finishing the reprint issues and then we're done. A glorious, funny, odd publication, born in 1979, will go out with a whimper and all I can think is that something's going on that they're not telling us because it just doesn't make sense."

The UFO- and Bigfoot-loving tabloid had its share of fans. The Economist ran a loving obituary for late WWN editor Eddie Clontz and the Wall Street Journal even found room to praise the magazine. It was also known as a reliable source of paychecks for science fiction and fantasy writers looking to make a few extra bucks.

Unfortunately, the tabloid's circulation sharply declined over the past five years and there's also speculaton that publisher American Media's financial troubles might have something to do with it.

InstaPollAmericaNow — Mourning the Weekly World News

Posted Jul 24th 2007 8:58AM by Ben Greenman

Some people say that they go to the supermarket for food. Those people are called "liars."

Most people, if you dig down deep, go to the supermarket for tabloids, and not just the glossy celebrity magazines that have multiplied like gremlins in the last ten years. I mean real, honest-to-badness tabloids, the newspapers for which truth and responsibility and even reality are other people's hang-ups.

And now, the world is poorer, thanks to the news this week that American Media will cease publication of one of the great pieces of trash this country has ever produced: the Weekly World News.

Published since 1979, the WWN has staunchly refused, for the most part, to tell us about Lindsay or Paris or Britney, instead opting for stories about aliens, Satan, giant pigs rampaging through the Georgia woods, Nostradamus-like prophets, time travel, and, of course, Bat Boy. In an increasingly frightening world, the Weekly World News provided regular — you might even say weekly — respite in the form of pedal-to-the-metal stupidity. It's too bad that WWN didn't break the story of its own demise, because then we would know that it wasn't true.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The beach bunnies are still eyeing that aircraft carrier.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Watcharee cooked. Girls came. Men didn't.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

YouTube is everywhere and always!

In 1984 I was in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, for the 1984 Winter Olympics. My friend Anna (and my future fiancée) was very excited because her brother was competing for the Gold in the Pairs Figure Skating event. Unfortunately, she was not able to see the performance either in person (due to Soviet restrictions on travel by its citizens) or on live television (due to Soviet TV mourning the February 9th death of Soviet leader Yuri Andropov). So, when I called Anna after Oleg and Elena won the Gold ... well, that was when she and her family first learned the good news.

OK, imagine my surprise when I found this on YouTube today: Oleg and Elena performing their 1984 Gold Medal event. [No, I couldn't see myself in the audience.]

This afternoon I sent Anna an email with this YouTube site. She replied:

This is so cool! I have not seen it since 1984!!!! Thank you for sending it my way! Too bad KGB does not put some of their video files on YouTube.. I would not mind checking some out from the same time.. Would not it be a partnership, Alf? Someone should pair up FSB and Youtube.

Shortly after the 1984 win I took my daughters to Leningrad so they could meet Anna.

Earlier this year Anna visited Watcharee and me in Bangkok.

Friday, July 27, 2007

My friend, Dan, from Shanghai and Taipei sent these three training films on how to parallel park, back-in park and how to land a 747 when the runway meets the water.

David's Brazilian girl friend is the one not getting married.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The bridge to Castilla Island in 1960 and in 2007 (B&W and color).

PS: ... followed by a drive past the world famous Elbo Room and the even more famous "Where The Boys Are" beach.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


... and, another 'then and now'. This time it's 1925 to 2007.

Monday, July 30, 2007

It took a long time (*) but Rosemary did a great job.

(*) After hurricanes Katrina and Wilma went through Florida in 2005 there was more than a year's wait for roof tiles. The line for hurricane-proof windows also had a long line. So, there was no point in doing anything internally until the shell was secure.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Go to your supermarket! Right now!

The final edition of the Weekly World News (August 6, 2007) can now be found at your grocery check-out registers. Priced at a dirt cheap $2.99 this last missive from Lantana, Florida will surely collect rare mag status within the next few weeks.

However, the demise of "The World's Only Reliable Newspaper", as it bills itself, is slightly set off by the sale of the Wall Street Journal to the Fox group. With Fox and Friends manning the presses perhaps the old lady of lower New York can be given some fresh Chicago tabloid blood. Maybe Ed Anger could find a permanent slot on the OP/ED page.

Whatever! Get out of your LazyboysTM and get your butt over to Foodland or Publix or wherever you buy your six packs and grab this last word from American Media. Hey, and quick turn to page 10 and read how you can reap big bucks if your loved one gets an unexpected rejection from Heaven (hint: latest Christian offering ... a policy that will indemnify you for your suffering if dear old Dad goes to Hell because he said "God damn" just before he was rear ended by a drunk driver).

PS: When your lady spends thousands of dollars for a purse what do you expect when flying ... an overhead bin?

Giuliani camp calls Judith profile "hatchet job"

NEW YORK (CNN) — If you're Judith Giuliani, Vanity Fair is not your best friend. An article in the magazine's September issue reads: "Terror Alert, Judi Giuliani." It goes downhill from there and it's got former Mayor Rudy Giuliani's camp crying "hatchet job."

"There are so many inaccuracies in that story," Mark McKeon, Rudy Giuliani's senior adviser told CNN, "so many innuendoes in that story that is so vile that it really isn't worth going into."

But Vanity Fair's Judy Bachrach stands by her story and every last unflattering detail.

"When the Giuliani people say that Vanity Fair or I've done a hatchet job, you have to consider the source," says Bachrach. "They are the kings of hatchets. They try to muzzle the press at every opportunity."

Despite the Giuliani campaign's uncooperativeness, Bachrach says she prevailed in writing "Giuliani's Princess Bride," referring to the tiara Judith wore on her wedding day and quoting an un-named former Rudy Giuliani aide who said, "Queen is her goal."

The former mayor stood up for his wife at a campaign event on Tuesday saying, "I think the article is a very incorrect article that has an enormous numbers of inaccuracies in it. And one of the unfortunate prices that families pay in a situation like this is that they get castigated, attacked, and most of the time reporters doesn't even ask about it."

But Bacharach said she tried to interview Judith Giuliani and was denied access. Through others, Bacharach says she determined that Mrs. Giuliani is an "opportunist" who went after a famous, married man, with kids — then Mayor Rudolph Giuliani — and "proffered her business card," flaunting their affair by appearing at New York City functions while then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani was still married.

Bacharach went on to write that Judith Giuliani is now enjoying the fame and wealth that accompanies being married to the former mayor, among the perks: a "full-time assistant" to style her hair, designer clothes, and when she flies, an "entire plane seat for Judith's 'Baby Louis'" — a Louis Vuitton designer bag.

The Giuliani camp says none of those allegations are true, including the full time hairdresser. As for whether any of this will hurt the campaign, the Giuliani campaign told CNN it will have no effect.

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