Fugitive Screwmaid

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Denise Stubbs

Denise is a Fort Lauderdale-based model who appears on the envelope of Corkscrew Balloon III. Denise has recently disappeared and is apparently on the lam. She has so far successfully avoided detection.

Warning: She is armed and legged. Use caution!

Age: Twenty-something.

Last seen: Ballooning in France and Italy in 1996.

Note: Denise may be disguised, and she might look nothing like the image displayed above. She is clever and resourceful enough to become virtually unrecognizable. It is believed that her present appearance more closely resembles the professional police artist's rendering below.

If you think you have seen Denise, or if you have any information that might lead to her capture, please contact us at once at the following address:



  • Do not attempt to take Denise into custody yourself!
  • Do not alert local law enforcement officials!
  • Do not, under any circumstances, give her grappa!

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