France, June 1999

Paul's Journal, Part Two
(continuing from Part One)

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Wednesday, June 9, 1999

Another beautiful morning, begun with another lovely breakfast at Le Cep! The skies were again clear and blue, and again I acknowledged our good meteorological fortune by toasting the arrival of another perfect day.

I met downstairs with Annie, Buddy Heiss and Mike. Judy remained in her room, having decided to battle a bit of jet lag, but the rest of us had plans to tour Beaune. We would once again be assisted by Imelda, whose expertise in all things Beaunian was becoming clear. Although originally from Ireland, she has lived in Beaune for the past 15 years and, we were discovering, she now knows absolutely everything there is to know about it.

We began by exploring some of the city's fortifications, including its wall and the Bastion St. Martin. From there, we walked on through the streets of the town, past a museum of winemaking and a model of the city as it looked when its walls were still intact. Imelda explained some of the history, which included something important about a portion of the city that she claimed was shaped like a squirrel, but it got a bit confusing.

On our way to the cathedral, we passed a Citroën 2CV, a lovely little car that was produced for decades but has now been discontinued for quite a while. We all agreed that it was a perfect car for Annie ... and during the remainder of our trip, every time we saw one, we evaluated it for style, color, and compatibility with the streets of Seattle.

Follow our entire trip through the photo album.

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