Curling at Gstaad

26 January 1999

A Report by Steve Trieber

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The village of Gstaad once again hosted the annual Alf Curling Championships.

After arriving at the curling rink and listening to Andy "I know the rules, my mom's a pro" Von Graffenried's briefing on curling etiquette, we decided to forgo everything he said and stick with last year's rules. Fair Play Team Being Swiss and having a mom who was an Olympic champion doesn't carry any weight with this group!

There was some indecision on how to divide the teams so Mike "fair play" Lincicome took the initiative and chose sides. Mikes team included Bill "Mr. Excitement" Baker, Becky "are we eating here again?" Matherat, Andy "I know the rules, my mom's a pro" Von Graffenried, and Hermann "the German" Sieger.

Three SeeztersOur team included Tim "the veteran" Hunt, Annie "clean sweep" Erickson, Lisa "which room?" Erickson, Cindy "seezter" Mielke, Shamane "chef du picnique" and myself, Steve "the magnet" Trieber. Little did Mike know he had done his team irreparable damage with his assignment of players.

There were a lot of thrills and spills during the match. Andy showed us all about style: He sure had the moves, but style doesn't get you any points in the scoring circle. Mike made sure that we stuck by "the rules" if there were any indiscretions (and there were a few). Cindy While doing a brilliant job of sweeping, Cindy inadvertently touched Mike's stone. In the interest of fair play (but primarily to appease Mike) we gave him a free throw.

Shamane enjoyed her day off from preparing her fabulous in-flight lunches. Her curling abilities are on par with her cooking! Herman played with his usual grace and finesse. The rest of his team should have followed his lead. Bill showed us that height can be a disadvantage. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" comes to mind. Ouch, that looked like it hurt.

Steve and BeckyAfter a slow start and a defeat in the first round the "Three Seezters" team pulled off a stunning comeback. We opened up a can of whoop-ass after that first round loss and put a serious spanking on the opposing "Fair play" team. It was an outstanding effort by our entire team. Our performance was unrivaled and team spirit kept us on the winning track. We took the next five rounds hands down, the final score seventeen to four.

There were long faces and broken spirits on the opposing side .Only Herman with his usual grace was satisfied with his team's performance. The "Fair play" team was in bad shape after we left the rink. In a show of good sportsmanship (and gloating) we offered to buy the next round !!!!

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