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Due to technical problems beyond the proprietor's control, this Palio journal that you have been so keenly following has suffered an unexpected break down.

While the machinery is being repaired, our friends from the research department of "Newnes Dictionary of Dates and Anniversaries" will help you pass these otherwise unsatisfied days with some historical trivia. However, the ancient bowels of the IHT could only be tapped for Friday, as all of Europe has been darkly plunged into a weekend; one that was immediately and inconveniently followed by the observance of a religious holiday.

Friday, August 13, 1999

[the International Herald Tribune]

PARIS - It would appear that thyroid treatment has not, in combating obesity, realized the hopes that it had excited. At the Academie de Medicine, the question arose as to the advisability of restricting the sale of pharmaceutical preparations from thyroid matter. It was proposed to subject the sale of products having thyroid matter for their base to restrictions which govern the sale of dangerous remedies, which should not be sold without a doctor's prescription, the prescription to be renewed each time that is necessary.

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