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After years of alternating between its Fort Lauderdale and Bangkok offices, THOCBDC kept gradually forcing its thumb down on the Bangkok side of the scale. It's now official: Bangkok's Athenee Residence has become the permanent home.

Latest update (February 29, 2016): That's All!

On August 7 in bygone years:

1999: Burgundy Ballooning

The Out Campaign: Scarlet Letter of Atheism

(Since September 2, 2009)

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Athenee Residence

The Athenee Residence is the new Asian Headquarters for The House of Corkscrew-Balloon Dot Com. As the building went from breaking ground to final touches, we monitored its construction progress and provided updates.

2007 Journals

The old journals become more fun to revisit with each passing year, as we look back on them with some perspective. Years from now, these will be the primary resources of historians.

We recently took a look back at 2007. There are lots of travels, lots of dinners, trips back and forth between Bangkok and Fort Lauderdale ... and more.

And you can revisit the following years, too. We invite you to live in the past!

Or ... take a look at a travel journal, from sometime in the past several years, that we've selected just for you: Your random journal was written by Paul, and it's ... Ballooning in Switzerland, August 1997!

On the Road to Hong Kong

In the summer of 2003, Alf and Watcharee, along with Pom and Golf, went to Hong Kong to do some shopping for Screwless Tuskers apparel.

Northern European Tour 2002

During the first few weeks of May 2002, Alf and Paul counted down the days leading up to the Northern European Ballooning and Zeppelining Adventure. First, logging in from Thailand, Alf created another Bangkok Journal. Then, on May 17, Alf passed the journal pen to Paul in the United States, for a short Silverdale Journal.

The amazing Northern European Ballooning and Zeppelining Adventure included visits to Berlin, Sweden, Helsinki, and St. Petersburg! Paul's Journal tells the story, with selections from two thousand digital photos snapped during the trip. There was so much to report, updates are still being added to this day.

Most recent addition: entries for June 10 and 11, including Alf's sudden change in plans.

Screwmaids at Pushkin

Return to France

After Russia: Alf's Journal covers the spontaneous post-Russia trip to France for a week of ballooning, and it concludes with an Air France flight to Bangkok, and dinner back home at the Oriental Hotel.

Watcharee and Marie-Aurelie

Main Polo PageThe Screwy Tuskers elephant polo team competed in numerous World Cup matches over the years. In 2003, the world of competitive elephant polo saw the introduction of a "sister" team, the Screwless Tuskers.

Details of both teams' exciting matches, along with their tasteful fashions, can be found at our main polo page.

The Corrections Museum

Join The House of Corkscrew Balloon as it presents a rare glimpse into Thailand's Corrections Museum ... one of the least-visited tourist attractions in Bangkok.


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