Chronology 2002


The year began with the closing days of Paul's Bangkok Journal. Paul's report, replete with photos and footnotes, covers the state of Bangkok and the world at the dawn of 2002.

A few days into the year, Paul left for America. He handed the journal pen back to Alf, who took his First Stab at 2002. Alf's three-part journal covers Porn, porn, and lots of Newnes deaths.

After just ten days, the pen went back to Paul again, as we revisited the little Swiss town of Chateau d'Oex for the annual Alpine Hot Air Balloon Festival. Paul's initial journal-writing duties were assisted by his lovely Norwegian "daughter," Pauline.


After Chateau d'Oex, Alf and Watcharee returned to Bangkok for Alf's nine-part Bangkok in the Heart of Winter journal. Among the highlights: the true meaning of Islam's heavenly virgins ... and an earthly girl posed for a new balloon.

The rest of March was covered in Alf's Spring Break at Patpong journal. During this ominous period, some believers in mythology imagined a death and resurrection, and others who were locked in denial imagined that The Oriental Queen did not sink at its dock.


With Jesus having completed his yearly death and resurrection thing, our eyes turned to watery events in Bangkok: the Songkran Festival ... and The Oriental Queen did expoerienced a resurrection of its own. Occasional ladyboy activities punctuated the month.


During the beginning of May, Alf counted down the days to the Screwmaids' planned tour of northern Europe by reviewing potential plans for the Screwless Tuskers. On May 17, Paul took over the countdown ... and then, on May 22, it was finally time to depart for Europe!

Our amazing northern European tour included the following journal sections, penned by Paul:

On the last night in St. Petersburg, as we had our final late-night dinner, Alf and Watcharee decided not to go home in the morning, but instead to head for Burgundy and some impromptu ballooning. And then, after a week of peaceful ballooning over the countryside near Beaune, it was finally time to go Back to Bangkok, where scattered photos suggested a future home.


The first half of July was a Prelude to a Move ... and then, on July 17, The House of Corkscrew Balloon Dot Com formally established its new Head Office in Bangkok's River Garden. Meanwhile, things went terribly wrong for student Eak Chongsawatwattana, and the controversy surrounding an old "Disney balloon crash" continued to swirl.

In August, local reports of Bangkok happenings continued and were accompanied by various Latin Reader entries and the discovery that an Arabic site had snatched one of our site's photos for some mysterious commentary.

At the end of the month, Alf's Road to Hong Kong journal abruptly ended when Alf wasn't able to go to Hong Kong!


Alf's Autumn in Bangkok journal shared a Thai September. In Part I, Alf admitted his addiction to Yogun Früz; meanwhile, dead pickled babies were in demand all over the world. In Part II, we marked the 10th anniversary of a LAWSIG gathering in Buffalo; Paul's foggy memory provided some details. Meanwhile, in Bangkok, Part II of Alf's journal included State Department security warnings.

September 17-23: The Second Annual Thai Elephant Polo Tournament was held in Hua Hin. As for the rest of the month ... well, a secret mission prevented all disclosures of locations and activities!


The remainder of 2002 is detailed in Alf's Back to Bangkok journal: