Chronology 2003


2003 began in Bangkok ... but after initiating a search for Catherine Riesgo, THOCBDC moved south of the equator to set up a branch site in the .HM domain space. During most of the month, reports appeared to be filed from Florida, but the actual point of origin for this month's journals remained mysterious.


In February, Florida more clearly became our venue, as Fort Lauderdale's Beach Bunnies were plentiful. Between visits to the beach, we revisited ICCA AGMs from the late 1970s and filled some gaps in our photographic archives. Meanwhile, Elvis tried to sell his used duct tape on eBay. We sought reader assistance in finding some girls ... some from the distant past and one from the more recent past.


In March, political cartoons covered GWB's foreign adventure, but in April we were happily distracted once again by beach bunnies ... and by mug shots and babes behind bars.

Plus, we had an important ethical question, and there was one more lost girl from the past.


May's beach bunnies were more fully tanned and and even less fully clothed than usual. Correspondence with the Texas Department of Corrections revealed that one of our Babes Behind Bars had recently gained 64 pounds. By the end of the month, THOCBDC had begun its visit to the Mütter Museum. That exploration continued in earnest in June, when it was interspersed with some antique corkscrew information and extensive photos of a completed but unflown corkscrew balloon.


July brought many more corkscrews, as various drawers in Fort Lauderdale offered up their bounty. A web site in Hungary discussed our Medieval Torture Museum gallery in some detail, although we didn't understand what the people were saying. As the month drew to a close, we bid farewell to the Florida beaches and headed back to Bangkok.


Mussel consumption was on the rise in August, as the Screwless Tuskers Elephant Polo Team was organized and outfitted with custom uniforms. Our old friend Ara Tripp wrote to report on her dual careers in cinema and chicken coop architecture. Robin and Stephani visited Bangkok, then David did. The month ended with a trip to Hong Kong.


September brought the return of Elephant Polo. The Screwless Tuskers modeled their new outfits, and then the team was off to Hua Hin for the Third Annual King's Cup. THOCBDC provided extensive photo coverage, although we unfortunately missed the shot when one of the Tuskers' breasts fell out and landed on the playing field, whereupon the elephant picked it up in its trunk and passed it back for reinsertion. After the tournament, Alf and Watcharee headed for London and then, via the Concorde, New York.


In October, the Patpong Corkscrew Club girls went from Florida to Roanoke and back to Florida. In Virginia, the Annual General ICCA Meeting on Don Bull's turf received extensive photographic and descriptive coverage. Back in Florida we stopped at the beach again to visit bunnies of all ages.


November brought a few more bunnies and many more corkscrews ... then it was time to head east again, to London and then to Bangkok. In December, there was Father's Day, a Santa Suit convention, Icelanding Honey Week (observed in absentia), and a murderous nurse who looked a bit too familiar. The big year-end "Eves" were spent at The Oriental Hotel ... always a wonderful way to close out the calendar.