Chronology 2004


2004 began in Bangkok. January was filled with the scenes of Bangkok and with rumblings from the south. THOCBDC unveiled a new web award. February continued with more of Bangkok ... plus, there was a new car, purchased at an auspicious time, and our friend Julie visited for several days.

On February 29, Leap Year Day marked the eighth anniversary of this web site's founding in 1996.


March began with a variety of Bangkok sights, the THOCBDC was on the road to Singpore. We kept up with penpals at the State Department and the various Corrections Departments, all the while touring Singapore and its environs. Upon returning to Bangkok, we were met with the usual gore and cheesecake, along with a mystery midriff.

April brought Songran, plus Patty and her her daughters. Journal sidebars alternated between Steadman and Ellie; in the middle of the month, the Great Aspirin Controversy began and the Mysterys of Judge Crater and Lord Lucan were reviewed. Then: a day of fire! At the end of the month, we learned the risks of overextending a Bangkok visit, and we met some women who had done various other bad things. Troubles in the south continued.


In May, we revealed a new bathroom in 5A, a new Screwless Tuskers team and a new Sofitel owner.


June began in Bangkok and continued in Florida. Back in the USA, there were plenty of beach bunnies, plenty of corkscrews, and just one unbelievably large dog.


Florida remained our venue in July, as beach bunnies and corkscrews continued to appear in all their variety. There was also time for a few looks back at Bangkok in the 1980s.

After one last week in Florida, and a brief interlude in transit, it was time to return to Bangkok and begin preparations for the fall Elephant Polo season.


In September, THOCBDC provided its usual extensive coverage of the King's Cup Tournament in Hua Hin. The Screwless Tuskers starred, on the pitch and off. After returning to Bangkok, prize in hand, we reviewed various old and new methods for opening wine bottles. Then, with buildings under construction and birds catching the flu, it seemed like a good time to get away for a while.

Back to Florida for October! Although summer was just a memory, there were still plenty of interesting beach scenes (and plenty of corkscrews).


With the U.S. elections over in early November, it was once again time to leave. Back in Bangkok, we reminisced about the Old China Hand. Then, in Ayutthaya, we reminisced about Buddhist Hell. Meanwhile, construction continued and graves vanished.

The last month of the year brought Father's Day, a local election, and then, cleaning up at the end of the year, a huge earthquake and tsunami.