Chronology 2005


2005 began in Bangkok. After the standard New Year extravaganza, ground was broken for a new tower residence in the city. Later, there was a tamboon in Ayutthaya, a subway crash in Bangkok, and lots of photogenic dinners in local establishments.


In early February, we checked out Thailand's Hall of Railway Heritage. Then it was back to Florida for Valentine's Day. We revisited Mongo's house, and we checked the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for shots from Hua Hin last fall. We also looked back at a 10-years-ago visit to North Korea.

March was an especially good month at the beach, from the beginning of the month through the middle and end.


In April, we lost Frank Perdue, but we picked up some better landscaping. In the midst of reviewing a bunch of corskcrews, a non-corkscrew balloon crashed in Arizona. But then there were more corkscrews. Jennifer Wilbanks opted for a safe bus ride to the southwest.

In May, the 1997 ICCA annual meeting was recalled through photos, more corkscrews were hauled out of drawers, and it felt like time to head back to Bangkok again.


Back in Bangkok, we remembered the golden days of the Old China Hand, and we looked to the future with full details about planning and constructing the Athenee Residence. There were also many dinners and one new car.


July began with a dead PC, but local tech support set up a brand-new unit in no time. A visit from Christy and Bernie visited provided a reason to visit various local attractions: the night market, Mambo, and more. After they returned to the USA, so did THOCBDC. Edward Gorey took us through the alphabet, and then we had some ruthless rhymes. At the end of August, Katrina put out the lights.


In September and October THOCBDC went back to its corkscrew roots. Hurricane Wilma hit Florida, and Orlando Bloom shared an escape flight to Heathrow (but he didn't take the connecting flight to Bangkok).


November began with a trip to Ayutthaya, followed by the arrival of another scary package from Sandra. Various meals in and out of Bangkok included a three-hour lunch at Sawang Kitchen.

In December, Annie and Lisa were among Seattle's Best of 2005. Christmas Eve was, as usual, at The Oriental.