Chronology 2006


Sports Illustrated launched 2006 with a photo of Ana on the beach at Hua Hin. On January 1, THOCBDC looked back to the day in 2004 when it snapped Ana posing for that very photo. In the following days, there were lots of automotive stories, some hotel photos, and a visit from Julie. Three weeks into the year, it was time to head for Florida, where the Florida cars awaited.


In early February, a lone bunny was on the Fort Lauderdale beach, as THOCBDC was called to jury duty and an old friend was hauled off to Nevada. Later, we found out much more about Mongo and his past. Throughout the month, an exploration of drawers turned up interesting items that had been hiding for years. As March began, Paul took us back 10 years to the beginning of THOCBDC, and Alf and Watcharee visited Disney World for a birthday celebration. Back in Fort Lauderdale, Spring Break brought its fleshy bounty. As the month ended, a Wilma victim appeared to be recovering.


As April began, Stephani picked up her new car, and THOCBDC returned to Bangkok just in time for Thaksin's resignation. In Bangkok, we got caught up with Thai food, car washes, and the Athenee Residence construction, and then it was time for another splashy Songkran. Through the end of the month, there were many tales of traffic and dinners, plus an early visit to Suvarnabhumi.

In May, after another visited to the Railway Museum, our study of Bangkok soi food was expanded. Meanwhile, the pope wore funny clothes and a new batch of orange massage girls arrived.


Heavy June rains turned the Chao Phraya into chocolate milk, and the date 6/6/6 brought other scary things. On U.S. Flag Day, a River Garden room that had been hiding for four years revealed itself. The month was filled with visits to the Millennium Hilton's Prime Restaurant. Dan from Taipei shared photos of strange buildings.