Chronology 2007


New Year

As the year began in Bangkok), Susan provided some reminders of the dangers of drinking (especially with friends present). Jean Marks was featured in the Palm Beach Post, and the Mercedes Club of Bangkok opened its new club house. Later, Dan Shen forwarded an amazing collection of "crash" photos and Amy brought her pizza to Bangkok.


Food by Phone delivered butt kickin' chicken; homemade fondue left a substantially bigger clean-up problem. In Sri Lanka, an ill-tempered polo elephant crushed a bus, while in Bangkok bottled water prevented dogs from peeing on cars. A return to Florida found new windows and a strange new car.


The BeachThere were only a few beach bunnies at a beach under construction but by mid-month Spring Break was in full swing. A Leica from the 50s still worked perfectly, while fancy new digital cameras were very short-lived. Watcharee prepared for a large feast. A dead passenger on a flight from New Delhi to London was upgraded to First Class, and somebody skied down the longest escalator in the London Underground.


Dan shared photos from a Shanghai cyber cafe and a scary mountain trail. Florida gave way once again to Bangkok, where lots of dining took place. Sarah Silverman sang to old people and Watcharee wore her helmet. There was more dining, at Prime and Flow and River City.


A (Thai) Labour Day party meant karaoke and fries. Away from home, the Rain Tree buffet offered a widely varied feast. Security inside the residence was tightened but an outside electrical transformer exploded. There was a large family gathering in Ayutthaya and a major court case in Bangkok.


A surprising number of web visitors arrived from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Witch's Oyster Bar had blow jobs and nymphomaniacs on the menu, and Food by Phone continued to be reliable in its quality dinner deliveries. Mom showed up in The Economist. After a few more Bangkok meals, it was time to leave for Florida once again.



Remodeling was almost complete in Florida. Wednesday at 10am proved not to be a popular time at the beach, even if it was Independence Day. Mongo's House was demolished. The beach was better populated a few days later, in the afternoon. Diet Coke and Mentos celebrated Annie's birthday. Another birthday was celebrated with a 9-hour party at Sushi Thai Cafe. The Weekly World News stopped publishing.


A bridge collapsed in Minneapolis. Namfon's shop helped alleviate Watcharee's homesickness. Meanwhile, back in Bangkok, the Athenee Residence construction was progressing well. Photos from Patpong in 1981 surfaced. It was time for a new Florida car. A balloon went down in flames.


Dan sent photos of "shape" balloons. Labor Day (USA) brought Bennigans and bikinis. Namfon drove a Mini Fon. David checked in from the wilds of Brazil. Watcharee wrote a journal entry. The water was on the rise.


The Thai ladies lunched at Yod's. MB Night Vision was better than real vision. Susan explained men's mate selection process. It was time to return to Bangkok, via London. Sala Rim Naam was remodeled, and the Athenee Residence was almost finished.


The JW Marriott didn't like having its food photographed. A visit to Ayutthaya led to a plethora of pictures. In the midst of various meals, Paris Hilton explored. Strange things happened to the car. And then were more meals and some thanksworthy girls. A familiar ship began to sink. Loi Krathong called for a feast.


An old building was in very bad shape, while a fertility shrine thrived. Business Week showed how the Florida headquarters would be underwater before long. A search for Kevin's old house was eventually successful. Planned prohibition during local elections led to stocking up. There was a road trip to Korat. The Thai election results were not good for the Thaksin crowd.