The Athenee Residence

Future Home for The House of Corkscrew Balloon Dot Com

December 2004 - ...

Brennan Beer Gorman Architects to Design Luxury High-rise Bangkok Residence Facade
Athenee Residence, a new luxury residential building in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, will have its face carefully sculpted by NYC-based Brennan Beer Gorman Architects (BBG). The new 41-story residential tower will have 219 apartments, including seven penthouses. BBG is working closely with building architect A49 and interior designer Leo Design Group. The tower, scheduled for completion in 2007, will be clad in a sleek composition of glass, metal, stone, and masonry. An aspect of the city's culture comes into play also as Yann LeRoy, BBG's Design Partner, notes, "The tower's signature swooping roofline is inspired by hand gestures used in traditional Thai dance. The hand not only evokes a sense of protection for residents, but the gentle curve also offers a soft counterpoint to the tower's linear and vertical dynamism."

Brennan Beer Gorman Architects

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