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Lenin's Embalmers

Lenin's Embalmers
by Ilya Zbarsky

I read this fascinating book while in Paris, late December of 1998. For details and some excerpts, visit my Paris journal. Lenin's Embalmers was just published in the United States in April 1999. Be the first one on your block to read it!

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Le Divorce
by Diane Johnson

You must read the novel "Le Divorce" by Diane Johnson. It is not at all about divorce; rather, it deals with how French and Americans deal with life on a day to day and night to night basis. Parenthetically, even more revealing to its merits, the book was suggested to me by the wife of an Air France pilot whom I met at my gym ... the wife, that is.


Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story
by Christopher Moore

My daughter Annie was first drawn to Christopher Moore's books simply because he happens to have the same name as one of her sons. It turned out that he's got more than just a great name: His books are wonderful, too!

Blue Heaven (5835 bytes)

Blue Heaven
by Joe Keenan

Another recommendation from Annie. A very funny book.

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