Statement by the Artist

Since my childhood I have been creating art. Both my parents, being artists themselves, have encouraged and supported all of my creative endeavors. I began my professional art career as a weaver in 1985. I eventually evolved to the "fiber paintings" you see displayed here.

These fiber artworks began as drawings. I then select the ones that will be transferred to cloth. The fabrics I use in my pieces may be commercially manufactured (carefully selecting the finest fabrics of silk, cotton, rayon); some may be hand woven or painted by me or by other surface designers. One unique process I incorporate into many of my pieces are computer manipulated photos transferred to fabric. I use a scanner and various paint programs to do this. The fabrics are then machine stitched onto many layers of quilting and backing.

The images I choose for my artwork are a reflection of my personal experiences, usually memories of my childhood, and my dreams. However, I enjoy the challenge of creating artwork for any one who may want a piece narrating their life and/or interests.

The education and years of experience as an artist and designer have allowed me to be open to and challenged by various unique projects that have come my way. The design of Alf Erickson's hot air balloons are a good example of this.

Alf, a collector of fine antique corkscrews, has many other interests as well, including hot air ballooning. I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to look through his collection and make two balloon designs. First the stylized version of the bright colored balloon. And then, the more elegant version using the airbrushed technique to make the corkscrews appear as photographic as possible. I was given a balloon pattern on paper by the balloon manufacturer. I drew the designs in colored pencil, marker, and pasted images of the corkscrews. One of Alf's other pastimes is elephant polo. I am in the process of designing another balloon to reflect this passion.