Rudimentary Economics

Tales from 1885-86, Part I

Posted June-July, 2001


Cleverly disguised under the cover of RUDIMENTARY ECONOMICS is hidden a scrapbook of newspaper clippings from the late 1800s. 1885 to be exact. The first clipping apparently is from April, the last from January 26, 1886. A few are out of chronological order.

I have been looking for something new ... something less tired than NEWNES ... something more secular than Wescott. I think I have found it: It is a scrapbook of sadness, gore, tragedy, woe, wasted lives, bloodlettings, shootings, live burials and fatal fogs. Little things that will make your own life a little peppier ... perhaps, perhaps not.

As part of my regular journals, I have been sorting through this wealth of misery and providing excerpts. Here are gathered the various pieces that I "re-clipped" in June and July of 2001. (I continued clipping in August.)

More Unusual Features:

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