WEPA 2000:
Shamane's Report

See also Tilman's Journal

December 2000

December 15, 2000

On our final day of playing, we geared up and went head to head with the rival American Elderados. We held our own in the first chukka, taking them on 3-zip. Our ladies trotted in for a chug of water and the routine elephant exchange ... We came back to fight with our slower elephants and gave it our all, but could not compete with the speedy ele's and the big swings of the Elderados. After a long, feisty game we were taken over by the Republicans. We left the field knowing in our hearts who really had that game. It was time for a celebration with the scrumptious tiger tops bloodies and gin and tonics.

Annie, Tilman and Sian were later sent on an emergency flight back to Kathmandu. An SOS was sent out that the Screwy Tuskers had failed to complete our mission of buying out the entire city. These three brave soldiers went into combat to clean out the shops. We had the faith. While Christy, Lisa and Shamane were held back to fulfill our Tiger Tops experience, they would have a very busy day ahead of them.

After saying our goodbyes, we high tailed it back to camp to prepare for one last elephant safari. This would be the evening of the tiger sighting, so we hoped. This poor elephant was taken through the bowels of Chitwan to find us a tiger. Skunked again, but certainly as enjoyable as ever. The peacefulness and beauty of an elephant safari can not be taken for granted. We returned to camp for the world's best popcorn, masala tea and a hot shower in preparation for the "big night."

What a night it was, beginning with the traditional pig roast, this time bringing 2 pigs. We crunched on crackling, chewed on pork and sampled all the delectables. Soon moving onto the dancing, live music provided by the "Rusty Nails," which took us into the night. The band ran out of songs about 1am, one could only tolerate "blue Suede shoes" 10 times in one night. But there was no way this party was going to end so soon. Michael saved the night with his surprising vocal and guitar skills. He kicked off with Neil Diamond, through "La Bamba" and into the "Stones" until he was unplugged and stripped of his guitar. We called it quits around 3am, which gave us plenty of sleep to get through the final day.

Bags packed and breakfast down, we were ready by 9am. We took our last open jeep ride to the field for the final events. National Parks vs Tiger Tops playoff match, followed by the awards ceremony, more pictures than one could handle and finally our scenic flight back to Kathmandu. Excited to reunite with the others to share stories of our adventures and accomplishments and spend one last evening in Nepal.

Well, I'm happy to know that everyone has made it home safely and I hope you all had a great holiday.

Enjoy, ladies, and keep in touch

Lots of Love,


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