Team Profile :

Mullis Capital Thailand

Mr. Robert Mullis :

The eponymous head of Mullis Capital, Robert has been living in Thailand for the past six years and during this time has been an active supporter of horse polo in Thailand. His enthusiasm has stretched into building a polo website which has become one of the leading polo information websites in the world. Robert has played polo in Argentina, England, Scotland and Thailand but continues to regard himself as a polo novice.

Mr. Ken McMillan :

Captain: A former Royal Marine, Ken has polo playing experiences all over the world in places such as Bhutan, Malaysia Singapore, UK, USA, Argentina, Australia and others. A long-term resident of Singapore, he plays polo on a weekly basis and played in the 2001, 2002 and 2003 King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournaments.

Mr. Steve Wyatt :

Steve Wyatt - handicap: minus 1, member of Singapore Polo Club has been playing regular polo for 18 months. More crusader than bucaneer as he likes to think that his antics in 'living the good life' is fulfilling some higher purpose - but whatever the reality the polo bug has bitten him hard - so much so that he has bought a horse breeding and training farm in Australia and established his own polo ground and club.

Mr. Ahmedula Khan :

+2 player, 27 years old Playing and working at Singapore Polo Club for 5 years Frequently heard saying "I love this game!" Due to go home to Pakistan later this year and to find himself a bride - so looking forward very much to this last party in Thailand


Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament 2004, Hua Hin Thailand