Team Profile :


Mr. Gregory Johnson :

Based close to the city of Perth, in the rural area of the Swan Valley. Greg has 5 children. Greg’s two eldest sons, Adam & Ben are playing in the Sandalford “Element” team. Greg founded Europa Saddlery in 1978, specialising in both the retail and wholesale saddlery and clothing industry. Greg’s business interests have expanded in the last decade to include property development. Greg returns this year for his 3rd King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament.

A keen sportsman, Greg also enjoys Golf, is a member of the Western Australian Cricket Association and has twice won the “Avon Descent”, the longest white water race in the world. These days Greg is focussed on his Polo pursuits and has played many tournaments with the Sandalford Polo team.

Mr. Peter Prendiville :

Based in Perth Western Australia and the owner of Sandalford Wines, Peter was one of the inaugural players in the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament.

Peter has four sons, the eldest Garrett, is playing in the Sandalford “Element” team. He returns this year, again with the Sandalford Polo Team, for his 3rd Elephant Polo tournament.

Peter is one of Australia’s Ambassadors for the Federation of International Polo and has played many tournaments throughout the world with the Sandalford Polo Team.

Sandalford Wines is the largest privately owned winery in Western Australia, and is renowned for its outstanding wines from the Margaret River region, and its tourism and hospitality facilities.

Mr. Nick Bowen :

Based in the Swan Valley, Western Australia. Nick is a horse Polo addict and ex-rugby player who enjoys a good drop of good red wine (the main reason Nick plays for the Sandalford Team). Nick returns this year for his second King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament.

Professionally, Nick is the managing director of Macmahon Holdings Limited, a civil construction and mining contracting company. Macmahon operates in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia and employs over 2000 people.


Kings Cup Elephant Polo Tournament 2004, Hua Hin Thailand