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Tuesday, December 2, 1997

Ah, this is much better. I didn’t like that airplane thing very much. When I woke up we were in a large bright noisy building called a "New Tokyo Airport" where men in blue uniforms stand around looking very stern and strange noises come from the ceiling. It sounds like the noises these humans make but I didn’t understand a thing they were saying most of the time. There is a place in this building called a "noodle bar" which we visited briefly. There the humans that stand behind the counters use those incomprehensible words as well. I don’t know how anyone understands anything, but the humans I’m traveling with give them little pieces of paper and everyone smiles. That happens a lot with humans. Can’t figure out what it is about the little pieces of paper that brings out so much joy in these humans, but who am I to argue with human contentment.

We got back on another one of those horrible airplanes and stayed there for hours. I was feeling pretty chipper, so while Laurie took a long nap I hopped around from head to head looking for something tasty to eat. No luck. Finally after several hours Laurie and her friends started getting very excited about something. I realized later that they were excited because they were about to get off of that miserable airplane.

We went into another big bright building; this one was called a "Bangkok Airport." There were more stern men in uniforms here and we had to wait in line for the stern men to examine little blue books that everyone was carrying. It all seemed so serious.

We all got in one of those fast "car" things, but this one they called a "van," and it didn’t go nearly as fast as the car Laurie had been driving yesterday. Or was that today? I’m confused. They said it was going so slowly because of the 6 passengers and 20 heavy bags of luggage they had shoved into it.

When the van stopped, we all got out and went into another building, the likes of which I had never seen before. They call it the "Oriental Hotel." We were greeted by two more happy humans and as the humans proceeded to drink glass after glass of bubbly liquid that goes "POP!" when the bottle is opened, I proceeded to hop around on the lush colorful carpets looking for a dog or cat or something familiar to me. I had no luck. In fact, the entire place was fairly uninviting to a flea. The walls are all covered with mirrors and dark wood, as are the intricate light fixtures. Afraid that I would be lost without any hair to sleep in for the night, I chose not to explore for long.

Eventually Laurie staggered into a tiny little room that started out in one place and ended up in another place altogether. She said goodnight to her friends and settled into a very comfortable room. The clock says 4:00 a.m. and I think it’s time for all good humans and fleas to close their eyes and dream of Ralph. I wonder if he misses me?

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