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Thursday, December 4, 1997

Madame woke up early this morning. She didn’t appear to be very happy, though, for some reason. She kept going in the bathroom and drinking bottles and bottles of water and eating these little round things called “Advil.” They didn’t look very good to me, but then none of the food that humans eat look appetizing to me.

Madame and I just went out on the veranda and looked down on the big pool of blue water called a "swimming pool." We saw four of Madame’s friends gliding gracefully across the pool waving at us and doing a sort of underwater ballet. They told Madame later that it was quite a refreshing experience. Madame was skeptical. She much preferred to soak in that large bowl full of bubbles with a washcloth on her forehead. I took a little nap on a towel while she did that.

Madame met up with her friends and walked around the streets of Bangkok shopping and drinking cokes for quite some time. She bought some beautiful dresses from a very nice woman who knew her friends. They see her every year when they visit Bangkok.

After shopping, everyone went back to the hotel and drank Bloody Marys. For some reason Madame asked for a Virgin Mary instead, mumbling something about her head not feeling too well yet. We all went over to a place next to the hotel which Alf referred to as “The Best Chinese Restaurant in the World.” And judging from the smiles on everyone’s face while they ate, I suspect that they all agreed. They ate and ate and ate and ate. Madame’s head kept falling in her plate, though. Comments were made about it perhaps being time for Madame to take a little nap.

After looking at the little Buddhist shrine outside the restaurant for a while, Madame went upstairs and laid down on her bed. The next thing she knew, the floor butler was ringing her bell and the sky was completely dark. Madame was confused. She sat on her veranda for a while wondering what day it was until Annie came by and invited her to the patio.

The patio at the Oriental Hotel is relaxing and beautiful, especially in the evening. The river is quiet, the sweet smell of the flowers surrounds you and the landscape is outlined by little white lights. Madame had a Singapore Sling, whatever that is.

After relaxing on the patio, Madame joined her friends in one of the rooms for mountains and mountains of food. When Madame got back to her room she called her home to say “good morning” to Bucky who was getting ready to go to school for the day. That makes no sense to me because it's bedtime, but then, little does in this world. After packing her suitcases, Madame went to bed and slept very restlessly.

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