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Saturday, December 6, 1997

Madame got out of bed when it was still dark. I wonder why she does that. She has been sitting by her window drumming on her computer for hours. Whatever she is doing must be very important in order for her to do this instead of sleeping or exploring this remarkable city. The view out the window is very pretty. The room is on the first floor and it looks out into the beautifully manicured gardens. There is a small duck pond, crossed by a bridge, bull of fat Nepalese mallards. In the center of the garden a hill rises, on top of which sits a pagoda. We are looking across the garden at the old wing of this hotel.


Madame drummed on her computer all morning until she went to the lobby to meet a very nice woman from Tiger Mountain named Lisa. She and Lisa visited for a long time in Madame’s room, and after that Madame found Alf in the lobby and stayed with him relaxing at the bar all afternoon. Madame is not terribly active but she does seem quite peaceful. Eventually Madame went for a walk through the streets of Kathmandu. We walked for a long time. Through narrow streets and alleys and down crowded aromatic streets. The air here seems to make Madame’s eyes water a lot. I don’t mind it though. I enjoyed looking at the children and the dogs and the noisy cars and colorful buildings.

At night Madame and her friends went to a place they called a gallery where they did some shopping and drinking and found lots of people that Madame seemed to know already. We stayed at that place for a few hours until Anil took us back to the hotel. Madame slept restlessly again.

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