Elephant Polo 1997

by Laurie F. Jones

"It was a Muddle in the Middle in the Puddle"

--Raj Kalaan, December 9, 1997


The WEPA World News

December 7 - 13, 1997

December 7, 1997

Polo Players Descend Upon Meghauly

Tiger!! Tiger!!

El Niņo Wreaks Havoc on WEPA Tournament

Elephant Polo Team Killed by Lightening Strike?

Miss Nepal Charms All

Screwy Tuskers Lose Battle for Eighth Place

Reincarnated Lama Drops from Sky


Tiger Mountain Press Release

Team Rosters

and Game Photos

Governing Rules

WEPA Committee Minutes


A photo essay by Anne Erickson


Kathmandu and Back
Travels with Fred the Flea



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