Alf's Elephant Polo Album

December 7, 1999

18th Annual WEPA Tournament, Tigertops, Nepal

Annie confidently surveys her own team, the Screwy Tuskers. But the awesome might of the opposition, the Titanic Tracks, also grabs her attention.

Susan, fresh from applying her lipstick, strolls from the team tent.

Peter Prentice describes the play [700k MPEG movie]: that tense moment when the Screwy Tuskers almost tasted victory ... but, alas, it was not to be so.

Peter Prentice

A crushing score against us.

Seeking solace in the sun.

Shamane, Cindy and Susan at the December 7th (Pearl Harbour Day) battle.

The Screwy Tuskers find their own relaxation after a day of battle.

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