Screwy Tusker

Elephant Polo 1999

by Tilman Smith

VIII. Quaiche Cup Final


Saturday, December 11, 1999

Who else but the Screwy Tuskers vs. the Titanic Tracks?

Screwy Tuskers: 1 goal handicap

Screwy Tuskers - Titanic Track
1. Shamane 1. Griselda
2. Annie 2. Tony
3. Tilman 3. Christopher
4. Cindy 4. Jean

By the time this game took place, the Screwy Tuskers were so fond of the Tracks, that we all saw this as a last chance to party "chez elephants." Time and practice had given the Screwy Tuskers a little more muscle, so it took Griselda a little longer to score her first goal. Cheers abounded from both sides. Griselda and Shamane traded goals, and by half time, the score was tight, with the Tracks leading 3-2.

Dec 11 Photos

In the beginning of the second chukka, the Screwys came back with a penalty shot to tie up the score. We had a couple of very close goals after that, complete with an exhausting battle between Christopher and Shamane that kept everyone else watching helplessly outside the "D." By the final ring, the Tracks became the Quaiche Amateur Cup Champions by one goal, and we all sauntered off the field delighted with the fun that was had. The year had come to a close for the Screwy Tuskers, and we had finished with our best placement ever, Runners Up in the Amateur Cup, Sixth overall. Bring all those Erickson sisters back, and there's no telling what this team could do in the year 2000!


3rd/4th Playoff - Quaiche Cup:
British Ghurkha Gladiators 10, Tiger Tops Tuskers 7

3rd/4th Playoff - WEPA Cup:
International Tigresses 7, Tiger Mountain India 3

WEPA Championship:
National Parks 6, Chivas Regal 4

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