The Screwless Tuskers

The Story Behind Elephant Polo's Newest Team

For many years, my Screwy Tuskers team has participated in the annual World Elephant Polo Tournament in Nepal. Many of their exploits have been documented here at The House of Corkscrew Balloon Dot Com.

Screwy Tusker team members have come largely from the English-speaking world (and, in fact, largely from the Erickson gene pool). Screwy Tuskers have been drawn, as needed, from Washington, Oregon, Florida, and England. Although originally I was a player as well as the team's Captain, in recent years my role has been entirely supervisory ... and so lately, with me on the sidelines, only those who were born female have been Screwy Tuskers.

Girl Team
Screwy Tuskers

In the past several months, some events that originally seemed unrelated have begun to converge in a way that will result in major Tusker changes ... or rather, additions!

First, last September, the First Annual King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament was held at the Anantara Resort and Spa in Hua Hin, Thailand. The Screwy Tuskers team was there in name, with signs and stickers plastered all over the place, but the Tuskers themselves were scattered around the globe and not able to compete. Still, the success of the tournament, the enthusiasm of the organizers, and the delights of Hua Hin combined to make this new tournament appear to represent the future of elephant polo.

A second strand was spun last December, with the founding of the Patpong Corkscrew Club in Bangkok. Perhaps because of the travel required, many PCC charter members were unable to attend, and so the meeting was primarily attended by Bangkok members (including Ohmy, Gift, and Amma).

Screwless Candidates
Bangkok PCC Members

In February 2002, these strands began to weave together at a special meeting of the Patpong Corkscrew Club, which had been called to consider the upcoming Second Hua Hin Tournament in the fall. It was at this meeting that the determination was made to establish a second team, in addition to the Screwy Tuskers, for the King's Cup Tournament.

In recognition of the increased importance of Thailand in the world of elephant polo, and in appreciation of the PCC's Bangkok members, the attending members unanimously voted to establish the Screwless Tuskers. This September (from the 17th until the 23rd) we'll have two elephant polo teams on the field: yes, the Screwy Tuskers ... AND, the Screwless Tuskers.

The "Screwless Tuskers" will be made up of Thai "ladyboys." Sometimes they are referred to as "kathoeys" ... a Thai word that has no known root but means the same as transsexual. But, since the word can be used in a derogatory sense, a more "Thai" or gentle way of putting it is "pu ying praphet song" or "second kind of woman."

The Screwless Tuskers will come on to the field with three things going for them: (a) male muscle (admittedly the least of the three advantages), (b) female rules (the two-hand rule in elephant polo applies to all females, not just to those born that way), and (c) the ability to talk Thai to the Mahouts.

Screwless Tusker recruitment is presently underway. While the starting lineup has not yet been determined, team stategists are presently considering the following recruits for possible participation in the Hua Hin Tournament:

Screwless Tusker Candidates

Please stay tuned to in coming months, as the Second Annual King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Hua Hin approaches!

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